A helping hand

Here’s an announcement from Jurmi Chhowing. I won’t be in Thimphu, but for those who are … please attend.

My apologies for going off the topic!
I’m requesting personal help. We are trying to help raise whatever cash/kind we can for the Tsunami/Earthquake victims of Japan.

Its called “A HELPING HAND” – (With The Journalist, Bhutan Today, Radio Valley, Kilu Bhutan Music School & Japanese friends & colleagues using their resources besides many others). We are building up to the event (a MUSIC concert by STUDENTS from KILU), and trying to create avenues/raise publicity for people to chip in and show Solidarity at this tragic juncture in Japan.

It will culminate with the Concert on Sunday 2:30PM at the Clock Tower. And you are ABSOLUTELY WELCOMED!

Thanking You, Sincerely, Jurmi Chhowing.



Kilu music

The banner features Kilu students singing Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” during Radio Valley’s second food festival at Thimphu’s clock tower square yesterday.

Kilu Music School

Playing Beethoven

Are you a parent in Thimphu? If so, have you grumbled that the city does not provide enough after-school activities, especially during the holiday season, for your children?

I have. I’ve often wished that Thimphu provided better opportunities to learn about art, literature, culture, religion, music and sports.  But, I, like most parents, haven’t got round to organizing any constructive activity that would keep our children productively engaged during their free time.

Not so, with the group of parents who, in 2005, decided to create opportunities for their children to learn music. And so they started Kilu Music School, a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers and parents. Support from donors – in cash, kind and sponsorship – help keep Kilu going. And, every year, they organize fund-raising concerts.

This year’s concert, held yesterday at the Taj Tashi, featured Frances-Marie Uitti, a renowned composer and cellist, and Kilu’s very talented teachers. And, of course, the students – they impressed their parents and guests with their singing, and their renditions of Rossini, Mozart, Bach, Beethovan and Linkin’ Park!