Teaching differently

Team teaching – a new pedagogic method practiced in urban schools to address classroom shortages and high enrolment; two teachers teach one class; while one teaches, the other monitors the class and helps students; the two teachers share homework correction duties. This week, Kuensel wrote about “team teaching” being introduced in Thimphu schools.

Multigrade teaching – a pedagogic method practiced in community schools to address teacher shortages; one teacher teaches several classes together, in the same classroom; that teacher teaches all the subjects for all the classes; and that teacher does all the homework correction, for all the students. Last week, Kuensel wrote that community primary school teachers are required to do “multigrade teaching”.

The two Kuensel articles, published one after the other, in two consecutive issues, are disturbing. Together, the articles indicate that our rural schools face a shortage of teachers, while our urban schools could be having excess teachers.

Yesterday, BBS reported exactly that.