Our King has spoken

The People's King

Our elders believe that the words of our kings are droplets of gold. They believe that to carry out a king’s command is to undertake a task that’s heavier than a mountain. They also believe that to ignore a king’s command is to waste an opportunity more precious than gold.

Our kings do not say much. But when they do, what they say is important; what they say has far-reaching implications. And what they say is gratefully received, studied and carried out with a sense of great urgency.

Our King has spoken. In his Royal Address, on 17th December, our National Day, His Majesty shared his “deepest concerns” with the nation: that we must strengthen the foundations of our democracy; that we must make education more relevant so that it leads to jobs; that we must step up the fight against corruption; and that we must build a self-reliant, sustainable economy.

Our King has spoken. Now will we, like our elders, accept his command as droplets of gold? Will we, like our elders, receive, study and execute his command, even though they weigh heavier than our mighty mountains? Or will we, unlike our elders, ignore and waste that what’s more precious than gold?

Valuable lessons

Strengthening Bhutan

Yesterday, during our 103rd National Day celebrations, His Majesty the King reminded us, His people, of our collective responsibility to strengthen our nation. That, His Majesty explained, meant excelling in our workplaces. But that, His Majesty emphasized, also – and more crucially – meant “… upholding values such as integrity, justice and compassion and above all living by that unwritten but absolute code of right over wrong…”

Below is the official transcription of His Majesty the King’s National Day address.

My dear people,

As King, I have been deeply blessed by the satisfaction of seeing immense achievements in four short years, made possible only by the harmonious bond between the people and government, as we worked hand in hand. We have conducted our first general elections, formed the government and opposition, instituted the National Assembly and National Council and above all, following elaborate deliberations by our honourable members of Parliament, we adopted our sacred and historic Constitution. We have all worked together towards strengthening our democratic institutions and this year established the Supreme Court of Bhutan.

As a developing country, socio-economic development efforts are vital. In this regard, the prime minister and the government have not only worked hard on successfully implementing the crucial 10th 5-year plan but have also initiated many new projects for the benefit of our people.

For the peace, happiness and prosperity we enjoy today, I take this opportunity to voice on behalf of our people, gratitude to the Fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck. On my own behalf, I shall never forget the kindness, loyalty and faith with which you, my people, have supported me at the beginning of my own reign. [Continue Reading…]