Father and child

Two characteristics that all Bhutanese men should be proud of: knowing how to cook, and taking care of their children. I, like most Bhutanese men, like to cook. But my wife has made it quite clear that I’m more of a nuisance than a help in the kitchen, and my family only grudgingly accept what I cook. So my main responsibility at home revolves around taking care of our children. I enjoy that responsibility, and feel fortunate that I, like most Bhutanese men, can spend quality time with my children.

Today I looked for Bhutanese fathers with their children. And within minutes – literally minutes – I was able to capture these ‘father and child’ moments:

Lop Ugen Dorji, Kelki HSS, with Phakchung Dolma, 4 years, and baby Pema Yutsi on a walk

Kinzang Wangdi driving behind bikers Sangay Ngedup, 9 years, and Kinga Yeedzin Dema, 7

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