Third session

National assembly-2The third session of the first Parliament of Bhutan begins tomorrow. His Majesty the King will grace the inaugural ceremony of the third session. And the prime minister will submit his annual report on the state of our Nation to the Druk Gyalpo and the parliament.

The proceedings tomorrow will be broadcast live by BBS. As will the entire proceedings of the National Council. But the National Assembly, as of now, has not changed its decision to prevent the BBS from broadcasting most of its proceedings.

I’m still working on some talking points for tomorrow. But I’m finding it very difficult. What does one report to His Majesty the King, in the joint sitting of the parliament, when one is so disappointed and frustrated with our performance so far?

Parliament’s second session

The second session of the Parliament started yesterday.

His Majesty the King, in His Royal Address, commanded that democracy has started off well in our country, but that a lot of work also remains to be done. His Majesty the King reminded the nation that the main purpose of democracy is to further strengthen our country, and to realize the aspirations of the people. And that to achieve these goals, we must work together, as one family.

On behalf of the opposition, I proposed a vote of thanks to offer our deep gratitude to His Majesty the King for gracing Parliament and for continuing to guide the parliamentarians; to congratulation His Majesty on the coronation; to thank all persons and agencies involved organizing the successful celebrations; and to congratulate the people of Bhutan on 100 years of monarchy.

In addition, I shared the following observations with my fellow parliamentarians: (i) that, during the last two years, His Majesty the King has devolved power to the people and introduced democracy most successfully; (ii) that His Majesty the King has gifted an excellent Constitution to the people; (iii) that, for democracy to succeed, we must protect, nurture and cherish our institution of monarchy; and (iv) that the Constitution must be defended by all people.