Party convention

Here’s good news for PDP supporters:

A high-level party meeting today decided that PDP’s annual convention will be held on 22 March 2009. All registered members are entitled to participate in the convention, details of which will be made public this week.

Opposition in hot water

I liked Bhutan Observer’s caricature for two reasons. One, they managed to make me look content and happy.

And two, Gyamtsho, my son, predicted my response. When his friends had expressed concern for me, he had assured them that I would find it funny. What did I do when he showed me the cartoon? I laughed. And the more I looked at it, the more I laughed.

I like the cartoon very much. But they got one thing wrong – the opposition is not “in turmoil”.

I wish we were. If we were in turmoil, it would mean that we were agitated and confused. But that we were alive. And that we were a strong opposition. So if we are in turmoil, Bhutan Observer should, indeed, be amused.

But we are not in turmoil. We are weak. Very weak. And a weak opposition is not good for a vibrant and honest democracy. The opposition has only two members – that’s hardly 4% of the national assembly. So we don’t fool ourselves. We are weak.

However, we work hard. Work honestly. And work diligently. We also work with confidence and courage. And try our very best to provide the constructive opposition that our people expect.

Bhutan observer should not be amused. They should be concerned.