Photographing Bhutan

Signs of approval

Signs of approval

Here’s a secret: Yeshey Dorji, one of Bhutan’s best photographers, has a website. He started posting some of his photos online to satisfy friends, fans really, who keep bothering him to see his pictures. So if you go to his website, “Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon”, you can treat yourself to some breath-taking pictures of our beautiful country.

Yeshey is 54 years old. And he’s been taking pictures for more than 30 of those years. Initially he limited his interest to just a hobby, as analogue photography was expensive. It was much later, only after the advent of digital cameras, that he let loose his passion for photography. And that passion absorbed him so completely that, in the process, he sold his businesses (he was Bhutan’s first computer supplier) and his property to finance his new profession.

Yeshey delights in photographing anything Bhutanese – from birds to people, and from flowers to dzongs. And he does a pretty good job of showing off our country. But he’s also recognized internationally. His pictures of birds, for example, have already won him international acclaim.

Here’s another secret: Yeshey will be at this year’s Wimbledon. No, he won’t be competing with the world’s best tennis players. But, as the official photographer for an international magazine, he will be competing with some of the world’s best photographers.

This week’s featured photograph, by Yeshey Dorji, shows a group of girls enjoying the Paro tshechu earlier this year.