Walk the talk!

Promises to keep

Promises to keep

The MP from Gangzur-Minjey Constituency questioned the Finance Minster this morning. His question was straightforward:

DPT Government during the campaign has promised various developmental activities and till date not much has been delivered. People are grateful to the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh for the 100 billion financial assistance but our Government is yet to activate the 7 billion SDP grant. The people of Gangzur-Minjay Constituency would like to know the status of the fund release.

The Finance Minister’s response was long and detailed, but confirmed that the MP was correct in asserting that, “…till date not much has been delivered.”

Another MP, representing Trong-Bardo Constituency, complained that his constituents now accuse him of deceit. “Last year, you came and lied to us”, impatient voters have criticized, and then questioned if he had “come back to lie again?”

Our people are not concerned about the status of grants and financial aid. All they ask is that promises be kept. What the want is that the DPT Government Walk the Talk!