Good news

The National Assembly has endorsed the government’s proposal to increase the salaries of public servants. Here’s the good news:

Civil Servants will get a 20% raise over their pre-2009 salaries. Pre-2009 is used as a base as that was when salaries were last increased (by 35%), taking the total increase to 55%. Civil service salaries will now range from Nu 7,067 (for GSC II staff) to Nu 52,654 a month (for EX-1/ES-1 level).

Secretaries to Government will draw Nu 55,490 a month. And the Cabinet Secretary will get Nu 63,000. That makes the Cabinet Secretary Bhutan’s top civil servant.

The pay scale for holders of constitutional offices, including members of the Judiciary, have not changed as they were fixed recently.

Members of local government will also receive a 20% increase over their pre-2009 levels, taking the salary for gups to Nu 14,355. The salary for thrompons has been fixed at par with EX-2 level (Nu 44,175). In addition, thrompons will get a house rent allowance of 20%.

The salary for Members of Parliament has been increased from Nu 36,000 to Nu 55,490. The Deputy Chairperson (of the National Council) and the Deputy Speaker (of the National Assembly) will draw Nu 63,000.

All that is good news.

But there’s more good news: the prime minister, chief justice, speaker, chairperson, cabinet ministers, and opposition leader have not taken salary increases. Their salaries will remain unchanged at Nu 78,000 per month.

The proposal to increase salaries will be discussed by the National Council today. They should endorse it, in which case the increases will come into effect on 1st January 2011.