SMS tweets

Calling twitterers

About a year ago, I’d announced that I was on Twitter, a social networking site that offers “micro-blogging” by allowing users to post updates that are less than 140 characters long. Twitter originally set a 140-character limit so that “tweets” would be compatible with the SMS messaging.

I’d also described how the Twitter experience could be enhanced if our mobile cellular service providers would tie up with Twitter:

If B-Mobile, say, were to allow Twitter to recognize their network, then users would be able to “tweet” using SMS’s, and “followers” would be able to receive updates as SMS’s. And that would be really handy.

Good news! This is now possible. You can now send and receive tweets by SMS. B-Mobile has tied up with Twitter Inc. to offer twitter SMS services for their customers. To sign up for B-Mobile’s latest service:

  1. Create a twitter account
  2. Login; go to settings>Mobile, and add your mobile number
  3. Send tweets to 40404

Happy tweeting.