Political Instability Index

The Economist Intelligence Unit has predicted that the likelihood of political unrest has increased for most countries since 2007. A total of 95 countries are rated as being at “very high risk” or “high risk”, and Zimbabwe is considered to be the most vulnerable of all the 165 countries surveyed. Only 17 countries, led by Norway, are deemed to have “low risk” of political turmoil. See EIU’s Political Instability Index.

With seven of the ten most vulnerable countries coming from Africa, that continent continues to be the most politically instable region in the world.

But South Asia doesn’t fare much better. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka are all among the 27 countries rated to have “very high risk” of political and social turmoil. Bhutan and India, both rated to be at “moderate risk”, are the least vulnerable to political strife among South Asian countries.

EIU’s Political Instability Index was prepared by rating each country for its “economic distress” and “underlying vulnerability to unrest.”