Lhab Tshering

Sonam Tshering has been sentenced. He’s been sent to jail for three years for illegally possessing 48 packets of chewing tobacco worth a mere Nu 98.

Lhab Tshering, a truck driver from Tsirang, will most probably also be imprisoned. 0n 31 January he was caught with 64 packets of chewing tobacco at Chunzom. He had paid Nu 200 for the tobacco in Jaigon.

Lhab Tshering is 24 years old. He is married and has children.

And after Lhab Tshering?

Bhutan’s latest convict

The Thimphu District Court has sentenced Sonam Tshering to jail for three years.

Another lawyer has volunteered to represent Sonam Tshering. So I’m hopeful that he will agree to appeal to the High Court.