Big Picture – 7

This week’s big picture is a recording of life in Bhutan. Listen to it. And guess what’s making the sounds. The first one to answer correctly wins something relevant to the big picture.

Semtokha Dzong

Semtokha dzong

The last “Big picture” was of the Semtokha Dzong. Yeshey Dorji, who constributed the picture, has asked me to announce that Kintoen was the first to answer correctly. Kintoen: please contact me by email to collect your prize, lunch at the Musk. The photograph and prize are sponsored by Yeshey Dorji.

My favourite feature of the Semtokha Dzong is the roof. The main structure has a gradually sloping roof that is unique in its simplicity. But in 2003, the old roof was replaced in favour of a jamtho and serto, the elaborate golden pinnacle that adorns all the other dzongs and many lhakhangs. Thankfully, the government quickly realized and corrected the mistake. And by 2008, the roof had been reconstructed to its original simplicity.

Kintoen: congratulations! Yeshey: I thank you very much.

Big Picture – 5

Big picture 5

The first one to get this week’s Big Picture wins a lunch at the Musk. Be specific.

Seeing ‘dungs’ and ‘jalings’

Did Linda see the "jalings"?

Did Linda see the "jalings"?

Tan, Archibad, Tshewang, I_am_glad_I_didn’t_vote, GoodToSeePM&OLLaughing&Talking(aspiring), Tshewang Rinzin, The Postman, Karma CW, Ping­ pong and Namgay all identified the picture correctly and collectively screamed that “The big picture” was a pair of dhung chen, the beautiful long horns used by our monks.

The flood of correct answers prompted one reader, Linda Wangmo, to try to distract other readers by pointing out that the picture could be a close-up of a pair of jalings. Only one, SonanG, seems to have fallen for Linda Wangmo’s trap.

One reader, Nedag, berated me for posting a picture that was “…too easy” and called for “…more challenging” ones. And that’s exactly what I’ll need to do.

All of you deserve prizes. But Tan was first. Tan was correct. And Tan was straightforward. So, I’m awarding the prize to Tan. Congratulations! Please let me know, by email, where I should send your prize.

I’ve learnt two lessons from “The big picture – 2”. One, that the clue was obvious, which made the challenge too easy. And two, that our readers have a thorough awareness of our rich culture and traditions. The picture of the dhungs was taken during the Tendrel Tsechu in Tashichhodzong last month.

On lesson number one, I will, as Nedag advised, post more challenging challenges. But you can help too. If you have any photograph that you’d like to feature in “The big picture”, please email it to me. But you’ll need to sponsor the prize too. Otherwise, the incentives may not be right!

The big picture – 2

Good for us

Good for us

Here’s another challenge.

The first one to correctly identify what the picture shows wins a commemorative Nu 100 coin celebrating His Majesty’s the King’s coronation last year.

I’ve decided to hold these challenges every now and then to add some much needed life to this blog of ours.  So don’t look for clues in the title!

The big picture

I spy with my little eye...

I spy with my little eye...

Here’s a challenge.

The first one to recognize this picture wins a prize, the book “Portrait of a Leader” by Dr Mieko Nishimizu.