To lyonpo or not

Almost six months ago, in March, Ngawang left an unrelated comment on “PDP general convention” asking me if the opposition leader should be called a lyonpo. More recently, another reader – I can’t seem to locate the comment – also asked me the same question.

Here’s my answer: it depends.

If the title lyonpo refers to the rank of the orange kabney awarded by His Majesty the King, it’s all right to call the opposition leader lyonpo.

But if the title lyonpo refers to the position of a cabinet minister, the head of a ministry, then it’s not correct to call the opposition leader a lyonpo.

Rank or position. Which is it?

Frankly, I don’t know. We don’t seem to have any official rules defining the many titles of honor we use regularly.

And frankly, to me, it’s not important. I am, after all, just Tshering Tobgay. Plain and simple.