Going home

I’m off to my constituency.

We’ll walk everyday, some days for more than 12 hours, to visit some 18 villages in Gakiling and Sombaykha. In these remote gewogs live some of our poorest people.

I’m looking forward to meeting our people: to give them my report on the second session of the National Assembly; to ask for directives for the third session; to listen to their problems; to discuss possible solutions; to investigate income generating activities; and to renew growing friendships.

Gakiling and Sombaykha are not connected by car road. And by telephone. So my blog will be quiet for a while.

Pictured is the treacherous tsha zam over the Amochu. Our villagers rebuild the bridge every year after the river subsides. It’s plainly dangerous. And it’s barely useable during the monsoons.

I’ve crossed this bridge several times. But the last time I used it, in October 2008, I froze in the middle of the bridge. I was terrified. And, thinking that a suspension bridge will replace the tsha zam by now, I’d secretly vowed to never cross this dangerous bridge again.

But construction of the new bridge can begin only towards the end of this year. So my promise will have to wait, till I cross the bridge a few more times.