An eyesore

I’m in Trongsa. Will visit the Dzong, and meet with sector heads and members of the new local government, before heading to Bumthang.

As we approached Wangdiphograng yesterday, I could see the new Bajo town on the other side of the Punatshangchhu. And for the hundredth time, I looked across the river and muttered: UGLY.

Neighboring Punakha’s town in Khuruthang is widely regarded as a mistake – an ungainly concrete jungle devoid of any Bhutanese charm or character. But the town, which was built more than a decade ago, gave us one very important lesson: how not to build our towns!

Bajothang shows that we haven’t learnt from our mistakes. The new town, which is located along the Punatshangchhu, among paddy fields and just below the Wangdue Dzong, is a bigger mistake, an eyesore.


How not to build a town