Traditional women

Today, at Jagathang, Paro, a beautiful sight – women playing khuru, complete with dhar.

Where are the cheerleaders?

Gender choices

Our last poll asked what you’d like to be reborn as in your next life. Most of us (133 or 42%) of us said that we did not care about the gender of our next birth. This is good, as it could mean that this group does not experience obvious gender biases in this life.

But 132 or about 42% of us said that we would prefer to be reborn as men. And, only 51 of us – that’s barely 16% – would choose to be reborn as women.

The last poll was meant to be amusing. It was also meant to make us indirectly reflect on the state of our women. The poll results, if they can be taken seriously, are not amusing.

Our new poll is on the tobacco control debate.