Blooming nuisance

Watch the hole

Watch the hole

In my last entry, Blooming dogwood, Romeo, a regular commentator, pointed out an “…uncovered drain right next to the lower police gate that is very risky for pedestrians and vehicle drivers during the day as well as night.” Romeo is right. The open drain is dangerous.

I don’t know how long the drain has been left like that, but I first spotted it about ten days ago. The City Corporation is obviously repairing something inside the drain. But they should either secure the area properly, or cover the drain when no one is working on it. Since they haven’t, I have to agree with Romeo that, “… we are waiting for a disaster and then the relevant authorities will come to the sight and try to take some irresponsible to task when all is too late.”


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  1. Sudipto Roy says

    May I please point out the sorry plight of the very small children’s park in the clock tower area? I think it needs urgent attention. Thimphu children deserve something better than what’s available there.

  2. Guess what – someone took note of the BLOG comments. There are few more rocks/stones put around the ditch to secure the uncovered drain. However, it is not good enough. Any accident there either to vehicles or to pedestrains will be fatal. So, I will call the Police chief tomorrow personally and request him to deploy some cops there to civer the drain to avoid serious accident. Lets see if it works and I will be back to report tomorrow afternoon to update the progress on this favorite BLOG of mine that i believe has a big readership now.

  3. Its done. The drain is now covered. Bravo who ever did it.


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