Haa fire

Fire-Haa-18-11-09Another disaster has struck, this time in Haa. Earlier today, a fire raged through the upper market in Haa. Four houses were totally destroyed before the fire was bought under control. Residents suspect that the fire was caused by electrical problems.

By mid-afternoon, His Majesty the King was already in Haa.

Photo credit: BBS


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  1. My prayers for the victims to have strength to overcome this tragedy!

  2. Dinesh Pradhan says

    From the pictures I’ve seen, it seems these houses were the ones near Katsho school.
    When I was a little child (1991-92), this place used to be called “the upper market”; I don’t know if it’s still called that. Although I stayed near the erstwhile Haa Junior High School, I would walk all the way across town to go there and buy stuff we would otherwise not get in any other shop in Haa town.
    They were a line of imposing buildings and I remember they had a 3-tier window system in all. It’s like a landmark of Haa has been wiped off. It saddens me to think I won’t see them if I go to Haa next time.

    Kudos to all who helped the families come to terms with this unfortunate incident.

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