Our garbage

Residents in the capital will have welcomed the government’s announcement that “A massive clean-up campaign of the town and the river bank will begin shortly involving Thimphu’s residents” in preparation for the SAARC summit next month.

Thimphu will look presentable by this time next month. And our visitors will be duly impressed. But we, residents, must ask ourselves if our city really is as clean as it might look. And, if not, what we, residents, should do about it.

I took the following pictures a few days ago while walking to town from Taba.

Taba Rongchu

Taba Hokha

Taba Hokha

Below the road

Below the road

By the road

Above Lanjophakha

Above Langjophakha; below the road

Above Langjophakha; under the road


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  1. mediawatch says

    Trashing Shagri-la!

  2. Tree hugger says

    Despite TCC’s effort to collect garbage regularly in and around Thimphu municipality, people still dump garbage recklessly. Almost all streams and gorges around Thimphu are strewn with garbage.

    Off all, a school principal, who is supposed to show moral example to school children and general public, found dumping garbage into a stream blew my mind completely. Our society is literally littered by many hypocrites.

  3. Tree hugger says

    There should be penal provision accorded by some law or act that should empower an agency to penalize those who throw garbage recklessly.

    Garbage is a huge insult to Bhutan’s much touted achievements in environmental preservation.

    Merely organizing an event or a campaign to collect garbage will not help in the long-term solution of garbage problem. A societal discipline needs to be inculcated either through proper education of youth and adults or through imposition of fines. I believe in mixing carrot and stick to discipline people.

  4. K. B. Wakhley says

    I have given my general views in the 1st issue of The Journalist (20 December 2009). In short, public participation and privatization will be the only lasting solution for managing our wastes. City Coporations’ could be the regulatory and monitoring authority. I do not buy the policy of students cleaning the wastes. However, students can help by inculcating the idea that whatever wastes comes to their hands (wrappers of eatables and waste papers), they should ensure to keep them in their school bags and later dispose them off at proper areas/bins. The shopkeepers should not throw containers of goods in the drains or other areas not meant for watse disposal. City Corporations’ must see that proper disposable areas are in place and regular collection is implemented. Finally, we the people must put in concerted efforts and show a little bit of common sense or in other words ‘civic sense’. So, let us make use of the common or civic sense and ensure to live a healthy life through healthy practices and reduce un-necessary burden to the environment by not littering the wastes. Let us be responsible to keep our own surrounding/building clean and you will certainly notice the difference.

  5. Reflection says

    Yes, it is sad the landscape as beautiful as ours should be blotted with refuse, all around! Our efforts should go beyond portraying a rosy picture of what we are not during once in a while event. It is about cleaning up our own acts to keep our sweet home in order for keeps. So let each one of us be a responsible citizen and do our bit to keep our country clean and green. Together we can!!!

  6. Why can’t we make Bhutan a litter free country, if we do that, plastic ban would come by default (indirectly by minimizing the plastic use). Impose culprit on the spot fine, if caught. Bhutan is a small country and we can really make this idea happen.
    OL you should be propagating this idea in the upcoming parliamentary session.
    If you aren’t taking any ideas from your own blog, then the sole purpose of this blog is useless. That is why you should take some of these isuues bieng raised through your forum seriously. I find them all worth discussing. For instance Tangba raised a very pertinent issue with regard to air strip at “Batpalakthang” in Bumthang. I too find this idea not viable and aesthetically not so beautiful. You knw there is kharchu dratshang few kilometers away. The airstrip could have been somewhere in Chumey if ever needed one. But our old men are not so good at policy framing and planning. They do whatever come their way. Actually this is not way one should plan the development.I would want you to discuss these issues at the relevant place at the right time with the right people. lets and see if there will be any changes in the idea.
    Good luck!

  7. Nature Lover says

    We once heard that the City Corporation employed the “Hygiene Inspectors” but what were their responsibilities and where are they gone now? I think we need to have an army of inspectors and people should be fined. We can see people urinating all along the Thimphu even if there are toilets nearby. More recyling firms should be encouraged. We need to make people pay for their garbage so that they realise the consequences. The media should focus on this “garbage” problem and educate people. BBS should air programs on hygiene and cleanliness each week. There should be awareness and educate from the grass roots up. It is really shameful to see so much garbage in a country so small and beautiful. Imagine what could have happened if we were in millions. This issue must be discussed at the highest level and something CONCRETE MUST BE DONE. ARE WE FAILING AND IS IT GETTING TOO LATE? If so, something is lacking somewhere. It should not happen in a country with population of our size.

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