Great expectations

Tomorrow, registered voters in Thimphu, Gelephu, Samdrupjongkhar and Phuentsholing will elect their respective thromde tshogdes or city councils.

As we discussed in my last post, the Thimphu city council – the new mayor in particular – will have to sort out the capital city’s water problems.

But the mayor and his council will also have to attend to many other competing priorities. Sewerage, solid waste, public transport, roads, traffic, housing, schools, fire, parks and income generation are some of the issues that should demand the city council’s immediate attention.

The thrompons of Gelephu, Samdrupjongkhar and Phuentsholing will find that they too will have to address more or less the same issues.

But the biggest and most important responsibility of all four city councils will be to consolidate the powers and authority granted to them by the Constitution. Without these powers, the city councils will not be able to fulfill their Constitutional duties and obligations. And stand little chance of improving our cities.

The banner features the Thimphu City Corporation building, which will house the offices of its new mayor.


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  1. What I really hope is that they also reinforce and implement the polices and acts that have been put in place in the past such as the no plastic policy, tobacco policy and in particular the no illegal workers in the homes of the residents. I believe that while, these policies have been made, the implementation in a consistent manner is very weak. Other policy that also needs attention is the tenancy act that was passes a few years ago.

    I agree that waste management is a big problem. I believe a plan that is sustainable and efficient needs to be in place in order to address this issue. Many countries in the world operate collection and management of waste as an income generating activity. I think, Thimphu and other major cities in Bhutan should also start looking into providing these services for a fee. In case, the City cannot provide such services, it should be privatized or non profits should look into providing such services.

    However, I also believe that ensuring that the city is clean and healthy is the responsibility of the city, it is also equally important for all of us to work together with the city to make it work.

    The city should play the lead role and collaborate with relevant stakeholders in order to ensure that all are involved.
    I think, the same should happen for other issues that the OL mentioned in “great expectation’.

    The most important step therefore, is to change the culture of expecting work to be done and being involved. I think its everybody’s responsible to keep the city clean and healthy…
    I wish the Thrompons a successful and happy tenure.

  2. …. And to mark “Smoking Areas” in and around the city.

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