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I’m back. And I’m sorry for the confusion my last entry created.

Anonymous Migmar wondered how I’d posted “Celebrating women” with “No road, no electricity and no telephone” in the two gewogs I was visiting. So he asked: “… are you back in Thimphu or is someone from your office upgrading your blog… he..he Explain.”

Aum Zekom suggested that I could be “blogging mobile” as “At some of the highest passes, you can catch the airwave to connect your cellphone.”

Here’s the explanation: I wasn’t in Thimphu; no one had posted the entry on my behalf; and none of the many high passes that we traversed had cellphone connectivity. And the VSAT station in Sombay Ama, which had recently been re-commissioned after almost a year in disrepair, didn’t provide internet access.

So here’s the answer: I was dishonest. I’d written “Celebrating women” in Haa the night before I headed to Sombaykha. I then saved it, but scheduled to publish it only at a later day, on 8th March.

A small trick. But one that raised many eyebrows.

I’m sorry.

Pictured are the first three people we met in Shebji, the first village in Sombaykha.


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  1. Anonymous says

    damh you are too smart dude. We want you as the next PM. I and my fellow memebers would definately vote for you. Fellow members means 80% of cival servents and 95% villagers. Thats how i calcuated when i voted for DPT but sadly they betrayed me and my fellows…. funds for private medical students… Having airfield in the east, government cars not allowed to used for private use but police emergency cars can to drop of their kids…. etc.


  2. Woa! This is the first time I heard a political leader say “I was dishonest” and “I am sorry”.

    Amazing …

    I mean, it’s amazing how powerful the simple human honesty in a leader is …

  3. Migmar,

    Who from pdp candidates is not smart dude? Elect questionable candidate for public office, he will make questionable decision that will produce questionable result that will fetch question mark in the head of a commoner as a price of his indecision. See we just need to go wrong once initially then the wrongs will take over and keep producing wrong results that will keep affecting our lives negatively.

    Where is a system of meritocracy in the latest decision to provide stipend for private medical students?
    Why didn’t they increase MBBS slots and award scholarship on merit basis?

    CBS does independent research on GNH and keep saying GNH has been incorporated/integrated into our policy since ages. Our Cabinet makes independent decisions that almost all the commoners are pissed off with.

    I just would like to ask a simple question to CBS-the guardian of Bhutan’s GNH.

    What is the correlation between the Cabinet’s decisions (e.g. approving stipend for private medical students, Bhutan Post CEO post, BICMA finned BBS, etc) and the optimization of GNH. Great if it positively correlates but what should be done or who should intercept if it negatively correlates with GNH. I think researchers at CBS should carry out such interesting case study and should make a well analyzed recommendation to concerned authority. The concerned authority should diligently carry out the recommendation..I think this is how we should operationalize our well marketed GNH menala

  4. Your Excellency,

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation and respect for living in the real world of ordinary and understanding the concerns of ordinary. This is the only one and all we would like to see in our leaders. Categorically, Your Excellency’s post on ‘Teaching differently’, ‘Going home’ and ‘Home from home’ are heart melting, especially the pictures. The pictures speak volumes for our remote communities.

    I see myself in one of these boys some two decades ago. Back then there weren’t two different methods of teaching (team teaching and multigrade teaching) for urban and rural. So we fairly made our way through. Education is the only hope for these improvished children. Provide them education or take them to the street, there are no other alternatives. Among other observable and latent factors I am particularly worried about two things:

    1. A different method of teaching adopted for rural and urban schools
    2. A decision to provide stipend for private medical students, favoring few well-to-do section of our society.

    With such methods adopted and policy coming up the hope of the improvished are vey very bleak and obscure la. Please your Excellency do something la…

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