Kajana fire

At about 1:30 AM on 14th March, a fire raged through two adjoining houses in Kajana in Haa.

The first house belonged to Aum Dema, aged 60. Aum Dema wasn’t home during the fire – she was at her daughter’s house because she didn’t want to spend the night alone. She would have had to spend the night alone because her husband, Ap Passang, was in Danadingkha Goenpa. And Ap Passang was in Danadingkha fighting a forest fire … as a volunteer. He’d volunteered to spend the night in the goenpa to make sure the forest fire didn’t restart.

Aum Dema lost everything in the Kajana fire. She lost all her possessions including her five cows, all prized jerseys.

The other house belonged to Ap Sangay. He lost his home, his belongings and all the timber for the new house he was building. He wasn’t home. But his family, thankfully, is safe. His family is safe because his son, Sonam Dorji, rescued the other children.

The fire almost spread to Aum Chimi’s house. If it had, it would have spread through Kajana village. And destroyed most of the houses.

The other residents of Kajana are grateful for two factors that saved their village. One, they have a farm road; and because of that, two, the police firefighting team were able to prevent the fire from spreading.

I salute Ap Pasang, Sonam Dorji and the police firefighting team in Haa.


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  1. i salute the fire fighter too and the people who saved lives.

    i would like to convery my condolences to the people who lsot their belongings.

    Most importantly, i hope the local government is doing something to support them.
    In Bhutan, i realise many times…. the govt. doesn’t need to intervene because of the support from friends and family. but its about time. its also the work of the govt. to help poeple ( victims) of fire and other calamities and therefore, i sincrely hope that the GOvt. is ding something.

  2. these days there alot of forest fires and house fires so these should be prevented as in precautionary measures should be taken by people themselves otherwise we cannto stop it.

    But hope the fire victims of this present incident would be compensated well and try to get them back to their normal lifes..

    And there are alot of storm occuring, so public should be more careful and take preventive measures as its an act of God..

    Moreover I thank OL for updating us, you do better then an newpaper cos…Keep going gentleman

  3. i would like to pay my condolences to the above named people and others. The issurance they will get will be very less…so i feel government should do something…should provide grant in such cases. Its similar cases of farmers losing their crops.

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