More potatoes

While traveling to Haa today, I saw several farmers planting potatoes. Some were done. Others, like this couple in Jabana, were just beginning to prepare their field. But all of them expect a good crop – the rains came just in time.


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  1. See a rough stretch of wilderness just above the farmer in the middle of this photograph? In Sri lanka, where rain-water harvesting has been practiced for centuries, one finds a small earthen pond in such a position. Apart from using the pond for irrigation when monsoon rain is late, the pond's seepage into the ground water system below moistens the soil, helps break down organic matters, prevents loss of top soil, etc., and raises land productivity significantly.

    Our country has had the blessing of ample monsoon rains. But, the global warming & climate change will bring extremes of wheather. Rain-water harvesting is now back at the frontier of human knowledge, and is rapidly becoming a good practice in farms as well as cities of Europe, America and Japan.

    Let's not forget the advantage of being a late-comer. Let's learn from successes, and mistakes too, of other nations around the world!

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