To Gakiling and beyond

I begin another visit to my constituency today. In particular, I’ll visit Gakiling. And from there head to Dumtoe and Dorokha in Samtse. Most families from Samar gewog, including mine, make this journey every year, moving their cattle from the high mountains in Haa to the lowlands in Samtse each winter. This difficult journey has been undertaken by many, many generations at almost the same time each year, along exactly the same path, and to the same pastures. Our people continue this tradition. We have to: we are semi-nomadic people.

So, naturally, I’m excited.

I won’t be able to access the internet, and this blog, for the next 8 days. But, be warned, I’ve already posted a few entries that are scheduled to be published while I’m away, enjoying the beauty of our countryside and its people.

Pictured is part of Sombaykha and Gakiling gewogs courtesy Google Earth. If you enlarge the picture (by “clicking” on it) you’ll see the main parts of Sombaykha and Gakiling. These are some of most rural parts of our country. The river you see running through the middle is Amochu, what most of us know as the Toorsa as it enters Phuentsholing.


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  1. Anti - JYT says

    Sir, safe journey to your village…

    You should show how to be a good politician…

    All the best la

  2. Enjoy the cool breezes of Gakiling, Hon’ble Lyonpo. Never mind the CDG (“Seedy grant”) may materialize and take its roots in pioneering the worst form of political corruption in Bhutan.

    But ofcourse, you deserve those cool breezes. Let us not expect you to carry all the burden all the time.

  3. Anonymous says

    dasho la,

    To gain popularity in samtse,pls replace ur existing coordinator(ex-chimies)with someone who is more suitable..

    Pls replace them,still they try to coerce the local people.They were not loved in olden days and they won’t be loved again.

  4. Anonymous says

    are you back or are the entries still posted in advance, just curious,

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