Yangthang’s new bridge

Together we can!

Together we can!

The recent flash floods hit Haa quite hard. A house was washed away, several houses were submerged, bridges were swept away, and many farmers have lost their entire crop. And we know very little about the extent of damage in Sombaykha and Gakiling simply because no one from these gewogs has made it to the dzongkhag headquarters.

But among all this disaster, I witnessed a comforting story. The village of Yangthang (52 households) had been cut off from the rest of Haa as, during the flash floods, the river had breached its banks and created a new course between the village and the highway. So today, the villagers got together and decided to something about it: they decided to build a temporary bridge. But almost all of them were on their side of the river, so no matter how hard they worked, they would need help from the other side to complete their bridge.

And who showed up to help? Civil servants. When the dzongkhag staff heard about the efforts of the farmers, they, led by the new Dasho Dzongdag, quickly made their way to Yangthang, and took up their position on the bank opposite the stranded villagers.

With farmers working on one side of the river and civil servants on the other, it didn’t take long for the river to be bridged. And, the village of Yangthang to be effectively connected to the rest of Haa.


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  1. chhimi dorji says

    That is a good piece of information and an excellent picture as well.

    On top of everything, I noticed that even during such a disaster people are wearing ghos and kiras, almost all of them. Maybe its not the best outfit during a work. but then,we know our forefathers have done everything that way. Since I am away from Bhutan and have started valuing all these things. I am sorry to say in this same article, when people are mourning.. I am glad to see that our brothers and sisters are working in Ghos and Kiras.. Way to go…

    Kudos to the dzongkhag staff and ur Hon’ble for the picture, story and information.

  2. Vijay Paul says

    That is the beauty of the people of Bhutan. Rather then complain, grumble or go on strikes, everyone pitches in to help each other find a solution to the need at hand. Hats off to the Haa Dzongkhag and the staff. I had indeed spoken to the DE, Haa Dzongkhag, when I heard of the flood and he was busy with rescue works. I could hear major commotion in the back ground. One civil servant was stuck in Haa town and her husband who is in the Army, was stuck somewhere else. Both were busy helping out with rescue, while their 5 year old son sat alone waiting at home for his parents. Both parents didnt have information about their little son’s welfare, but rather than try and rush off home, they stayed back and helped out, unselfishly. It’s stories like this that motivate and inspire those of us willing to be moved, to be a better human beings and serve our fellow human beings in the hour of need.
    Thank you Lyonpo for sharing these touching facts.

  3. Yes, we can! Together we can!!

    What a wonderful story … the sheer might of nature never fails to humble us, and brings the best out of human beings.

    No wonder, crisis has always been the engine for a positive change, for business, communities, and even a nation.

  4. Your Excellency,
    I am from Yangthang, as you know, and now working in Wangdue. Over this anxious period of time I was kept informed about my village situation over the phone by my mother. I was shocked when she told me that the river has changed its course and washed our field along with sawmill and Lam Dorji’s house.I wanted to rush home but the road is bad everywhere, least I wanted to see a picture to compare with the picture in my imagination. God, I couldn’t believe my eyes; it has far surpassed my nightmare.
    Thank you for the story and the great picture, through which I saw my village in agony yet in unity. My deep gratitude to the Dzongkhag for extending their hand in building the bridge. The symbolism in building a bridge is highest of virtue…men who build bridges are men of greatness.

    And to Mr. Chimmi Dorji, One thing in my village is still stubborn to change, and its our culture. When at home I am look at with devouring eyes if sighted in pants. Thanks for the appreciation.

  5. The news about Gakiling and Sombeykha is more or less same to that of Yangthang. As per the information received from Sombeb residing in Sipsu, the swollen Amochhu has partially damaged the Jangnga Zaam which is located in Gakiling gewog. we cannot say whether the information is right or wrong. but when we look at the nature of the river in summer it could be true. this bridge links the people of mochu, dorithasa, yangtse, koukha and rangtse.

    in this regard, the security of the location of the new Gakiling dungkhag is at stake. as per the plan we heard that the location of Gakiling Dungkhag is very near to the Amochhu. the soil formation is very fragile and the new location is not a feasible site. the timely intervention is necessary and the study regarding the feasibility should be given the utmost importance. we aslo heard sombebs grumbling about the new site. people are speculating lots about the site. it seems there is no consensus regarding the new site which undermines the general will of the people.


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