Forest fire

Lopa village

Saved ... phew!

The people of Lopa village in Haa, Samar Gewog, did not sleep last night. They stayed up to guard their village – a cluster of mostly old farmhouses at the edge of a pine forest – from wild fires that was spreading through the woodland above their village.

The fire had started yesterday afternoon. And the Haa Dzongdag had quickly mobilized forestry officials, civil servants and community volunteers to fight the blaze. But the fire, which was fanned by strong winds, would not be contained. And by nightfall, the dzongdag wisely called off the fire fighting efforts as boulders, set loose from the rocky outcrop above the village, came hurling down the hillside.

But by the crack of dawn today, dzongkhag officials and volunteers were already battling the fires. This time they were joined by almost a hundred RBA soldiers. And this time they were successful. They bought the fire under control.

Had it not been for the quick response of the dzongkhag and forestry officials, and the help of the army, the fire would have razed Lopa and spread through the neighbouring village of Nobgang to the dense pine forests above Puduna. And the fire would still be raging.

Featured in the banner are the remains of the recent snow that put out a big forest fire in Katsho, and helped contain another one today.


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  1. good that the damage and impact had been minimized. did they find out how the forest fires started?

    • Government officials are investigating. But we already know what generally causes forest fires at this time of the year: (1) camp fires that haven’t been extinguished properly; (2) fires built to light incense while performing religious ceremonies or erecting prayer flags in the forests; (3) discarded cigarettes from moving vehicles; (4) farming (slash and burn, and burning agricultural debris); (5) children playing with fire.

      Bottom line: we – all of us – need to be more careful.

  2. Kudos to Dzongda Rinzin Dorjee.

    Dzongda Rinzin Dorjee is a nice person equiped with vast experiences in both planning and administrative affairs. He will definitely make a good dzongda wherever he is posted. Unfortunately, for a simple human error in Samtse, he was transferred on punishment to Haa. As if Haa Dzongkhag is a remote and tough dzongkhag.

    Now, should Dzongda Rinzin Dorjee be transferred in appreciation of his good job this time…..which will be that fancy Dzongkhag?

  3. Pema Wangchuk says

    Respected OL,
    Winter season is very risky and i feel that it is our sole duty for preserving and and conserving the forests. By Lyonpo’s blog, i am happy that the damage had been minimized.
    Good work Done.

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