Country roads

Ancestral road

I am in Dorikha. I got here this evening having walked up from Dorithasa.

My ancestors did this journey every year, at this time of the year, over the course of many centuries. They migrated to escape the oppressive summer heat of Dorithasa in favor of the much cooler Dorikha. And in the winter, they moved right back to Dorithasa to enjoy the mild weather there.

Most of my relatives no longer migrate between two farms. They now live, throughout the year, in one of the two villages. But the two villages are closely related. So our people still make the arduous journey between Dorithasa and Dorikha frequently.

During the last five years, I too have had the occasion to travel between my two villages frequently. My job, as a politician and a member of parliament, requires me to visit my constituency and, as such, to make the journey between Dorithasa and Dorikha at least twice each year. I enjoy this aspect of my job thoroughly. Walking through the immense rhododendron forest, punctuated by tsamdro meadows, is in itself a wonderful experience. But what is truly awe-inspiring is the knowledge that I am tracing the footsteps of my ancestors; and the powerful feeling that, somehow, I am connecting with them.

Today, as always, I enjoyed my trek up from Dorithasa. But today I made sure to walk slowly. I walked slowly, and I paused frequently, to capture the beautiful sights, to absorb the enchanting sounds, and to take in the rich air of the still pristine forests.

I walked slowly, because from the next time on, I’ll be driving! The farm road being built has almost reached Dorithasa. And from there it will continue to Sombaykha and Gakiling gewog centers.

Once the road is ready, our people will no longer have to make the difficult journey over the mighty Tergola on foot. I won’t have to either. We’ll be able to drive.

Will our ancestors approve? I know they will. The road, after all, heralds a new and exciting chapter to a hitherto forgotten part of our country.


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  1. Domchosertong says

    Hon’ble OL,
    The coming of road in this area is really a blessing for the peoples of those geogs…now I can forsee the people of Kokha village, Gakiling geog can sell their cardomon produce at higher rate…thups up for you and the government too…one suggestion for your excellency..for the upliftment of this poor people around the new rehabilitation program area would be to start a natural trial walk like snow man hike…from Sibsoo in Samtse to Haa following the old trade route of Chishopani site….its have wonderful nature vegetation begining from Subtropical to alpine pasture along the trek…I guess it can help the people there….

  2. Dear OL,
    Still you cannot mention word of thanks to the government for bringing the roads. I’m surprised that you are that conservative at heart. But, on behalf of the government, let me thank you for sharing information about the development. I hope you like to be appreciated though you do not like to appreciate other’s achievements.

  3. Its good that you are making frequent visit to your constituency and by doing this you are keeping in constant touch your people. But, you being the opposition leader and president for PDP you must also visit other constituencies in other Dzongkhag. I don’t know if you are aware of this. Of late the DPT ministers and MPs are all touring their constituency in preparation for 2013. In the pretext of solving rupee crunch problem, DPT ministers are visiting all Dzongkhag but when they meet people they talk about DPT government achievement and seek support for 2013.

  4. Thinlay says

    Hello, welcome to ordinary world of roads, shops, materialism etc, etc. So sad! soon we will lose the most pristine part of Bhutan to onslaught of modernity or modernism. I have walked through Tergola to Samtsi twice and soon planning a third walk towards end of May. I will bid good bye to the most innocent and the most pristine part of Bhutan. I have stayed in all places mentioned by Ol and each time i visited them i wished they remain the same;;;;Not anymore, so sad.


  5. Good to know that roads are being constructed and all the rural parts of the Country will soon be connected to the rest of the places in Bhutan

  6. I don’t understand,they meant to say samtse/Samtsi?Dorokha or Dorikha?Confused.Either I am ignorant that i do’t have idea about these places or the commenter and writer is ignorant that not sure of the exact name of the place.Enlighten me somebody please

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