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Our last poll says that almost half of us go to our villages at least once a year. And that 83% of us go to our villages a minimum of once every five years. That is good. As increasingly more of us abandon our villages in favour of city life, it becomes that much more important to stay in touch with our roots. And to support our relatives back home.

Our next poll is a continuation of the previous one that asked if women face discrimination. Think about it carefully.


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  1. Wang Dungyel says

    Honourable OL,
    I am having a great laugh after a long time reading your this week’s poll questions. Interesting but we don’t have a choice. What about animals? Do you know your earlier life? I can’t recollect mine. Only highest Buddhist monk knows their reincarnation. Further, clicking on women or majority selecting women for their next generation will not help in the study of women discriminations. But that is my views!

    • Most of us don’t know our past lives. And most of us cannot determine our next incarnations. But let’s have fun. Have a “great laugh” as you say.

      What IF you had the powers to choose your rebirth? And you had to choose between being reborn as a man or a woman. What if? What would you choose? Or wouldn’t it it (honestly) make a difference.

      The poll is not about rebirth. It’s about discrimination in our society.

      Also, the poll is NOT serious. So have fun. And enjoy. But, if you think deeply, and think hard, you could gain a fresh perspective to gender discrimination.

  2. OL,

    Can you post less topics and more discussions and may be to every comment given you provide us your view. that we will have better results.

    At this rate things and issues might get diluted.

    Just a suggestions.

    • Very good suggestion.

      I’ll post articles as and when I can. But, yes, you are correct: we need to highlight issues; we need to keep drawing attention to important issues.

      But I cannot and will not give views on every comment. I cannot, because I do not have the answers to every issue. In fact, on most issues, you do. I will not, because most times it’s more important for me (and other politicians) to listen. To listen carefully to your views.

  3. What was the intention of your last poll? I liked the poll expecting there will be something about solving this problem of having to stay away from home whole our life.

    Please comment!

  4. In my opinion, the current poll is pointless because there is no option to state our reason behind our preference to be reborn either as a man or a woman.

    Discrimination against women is a loathsome crime and we need to fight it. However, I suspect that those who champion the cause has things all mixed up and thus are unable to find their direction to combat it with effectiveness – if there was a need to do so.

    My own view is that in Bhutan women are not discriminated against. There may be stray cases but those DO NOT HAMPER the growth of women or infringe on their independence.

    However, I admit that there is domestic violence perpetrated by men. And, increasingly, I am learning that the problem is serious. The women’s group should take up this cause.

    • IF you had the power to choose, what would you prefer: to be reborn as a man? or as a woman? Think about it. Would you prefer to be a man in your next life, or a woman. Or would it not make a difference.

      The poll is not really about rebirth. It’s about discrimination. If there’s no discrimination, you wouldn’t worry about what you are reborn as. If there there is discrimination against women (even when we claim there isn’t) we’d secretly choose to be reborn as men.

      So think about the poll. And answer it (to yourself) honestly, very honestly. Your answer will answer the bigger question: do we discriminate against women.

  5. I would not mind being re-born as bisexual so that I can enjoy the best of both sexes.

    Enjoy the discussion

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