Celebrating women

Today the world celebrates the achievements of women. Today is International Women’s Day.

When I last checked, the IWD website had registered that 841 events would take place in 54 countries to observe International Women’s Day. And according to a press release from RENEW, Bhutan alone will hold five events – in Paro, Phuentsoling, Sarpang, Thimphu and Trongsa.

Her Majesty Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuck, the founding president of RENEW, will grace the celebrations in Trongsa and address the nation. This is fortunate. Her Majesty works tirelessly to raise awareness and improve the conditions of our women. And to create social, economical and political opportunities for them.

So let’s listen carefully when Her Majesty announces this year’s IWD theme: “Women and men united to end violence against women and girls”

Let’s obey Her Majesty’s appeal to “Say No to Violence against Women: it is not in our culture!”

Let’s acknowledge Her Majesty’s constant reminder on RENEW’s website that “Home is a place for love and happiness, not for violence”

And let’s honour Her Majesty by celebrating our women – not just today, but tomorrow and everyday.

Her Majesty’s portrait from RENEW website


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  1. Anonymous says

    Honorable OL,just had some confusion to b cleared la.Do u rele think that is it gud idea to give Rs 300000 for private medical students per year as stipend.Those who are on scholarship to india they just get Rs3600 per month.So it definitely demoralises the students who are on scholarship.It is rather good to do private than to get scholarship. everything is confusing in the small country ……fralpmal

  2. Anonymous says

    OOps Mr.Opposition Leader… Before you write anything in your blog please remember what you wrote the last time. No road, no electricty and no Telephone. Where did intrenet come.. has the technology in Bhutan came this far where we dont need to telephones or electricty to charge laptop or use intrenet. Or are you back in Thimphu or is someone from your office upgrading your blog… he..he Explain.


  3. Anonymous says

    Yes it is absolutely necessary to give Rs.300K for private medical students. Any you know why?? Because most of the private medical students are sons and daughters of cabinet ministers, the party members and so forth.

  4. Anonymous says

    This government have no better intention than to satisfy their own greeds. It is a crazy idea to give Nu.300,000 to those who could already afford to study privately.

  5. Anonymous says

    I also smell some rats in this 300,000 business. I hope it is straight forward and intended to encourage more Bhutanese become doctors. Coming from this DPT government as it it, there might be a second angle to it.

    Meanwhile, the 3,500 stipend in India has been there for donkeys years now… Do something and raise it!

  6. NOw people realize why they just voted for DPT….
    They were fooled and casted all their vote for DPT…THey didnt forsee the consequences that was waiting..

    Anf M sure the people realise this an act accordingly in the mere future…

  7. Hey Anonymous Migmar,

    Never been to Haa? At some of the highest passes, you can catch the airwave to connect your cellphone. Blogging mobile is a piece of cake.

    And, hey hey other Anonymouses!

    Badmouthing others make you worse than those you’re attacking for whatever reasons.

    Do me a favour, before you open your mouth. Make sure you got your facts right. And, think what YOU would do in the scholarship policy choice, if you were the government.

    Our democracy ought to be about open debates of tough issues, for most of which there is no one single right answer.

    Remember, what goes around comes around. If you keep on behaving like this, you’ll have nasty turn to look forward to, if and when your turn comes.

    It’s up to us, the people, to make OUR democracy work!

  8. P.S.
    I bet you all are boys! Only boys can turn such a beautiful blog entry into mud-throwing at something that’s got nothing to do with celebrating women.

    Boys will always be boys. …sigh…

    Dear OL. Thanks for celebrating us women!

  9. Anonymous says

    First off, our women deserve better lives. Having more doctors can only be good for them and us. If the government needs more doctors, it has to somehow create the environment – providing scholarships and private allowances are both good. Some kids my not do well on an exam but may be very intelligent. Just look at what Kelki has done to many students – for years in row a lot of toppers have come from there. They had “failed” otherwise, if not doing well in one exam is failure.

    To take our country higher, we need to think out of the box. Otherwise we only get the students who can cram and do well on exams, but are not necessarily cut out for the job or can think big. We need a mix. And we need to reach out and make good education attractive. Otherwise we would lose a lot of young mind from our system.

    If private medical students get paid 300K then I must say that students on regular scholarship should be given an increase in their stipends too. So, look at this as a good thing – a stipend increase should be on its way!

  10. Anonymous says

    If u rele need more doctors AND if i were in the scholarship , the solution would have been very simple and uncorrupted.Just increase the MBBS slots…and send them to india to study…I bet the tution fees and stipend will not cross rs 300k to study in average college of india.And i m sure those guys who are doing private MBBS , they were never in gud colleges….

  11. Anonymous says

    Don’t worry about that grant fellow citizens I have already decided to send my two brothers to India for doing Mbbs though they got selected for BSc life science and i am looking for slots in any of the university in India that charges maximum fees of Rs.250,000 and remaining 50, 000 can be utilized for other necessary purposes and even we can save few thousands out of that.
    They have already committed this and hope they won’t change their decision and they have to grant to all medical students no matter whether there are 300 or 400 medical students.
    But I feel its sort of discrimination to other private students because they also citizen of Bhutan and when others are availing the grant they also should get it at par with them otherwise their decision is unconstitutional (no equality)
    I will quote what health minister said to Bhutan times;
    “Lyonpo Zangley Dukpa said the cabinet took the decision to provide the grant after the students and their parents approached the government for help”
    If this is the case then its time for parents of other private students to wake up and approach to the ministry. If they are able to grant the request of parents of medical students then they should do the same to others also because constitution guarantees the equality.
    “The health minister said that even the prime minister was approached for financial help by the private medical students in Sri Lanka during his visit last year”.
    But as far as I remember government scholarships were the once who approached for stipend revision but not the private medical students who approached for help….
    Nu.300, 000 is huge amount and even scholarships are not getting this much, so if you have sons and daughters who completed 12 from science background better withdraw it if they are pursuing or to be pursued degree in either of the colleges in Bhutan. I swear 300000per year is more than sufficient to pursue any medical course especially in India.

    As far as I know our government made two remarkable decisions since commencement of new democratic government, firstly they recruited general graduates for PGDNL which is actually exclusively meant for law graduates and secondly they have decided to grant 300,000 to private medical students….
    We are waiting for their third remarkable decision…..
    No offense just exercising my freedom of expression

  12. Hmm.The best thing to tackle our government is—to send all bio-science students for MBBS course on private…..because here in India colleges are meant for business ..so no tension for not getting admission..

  13. this grant of Nu. 300,000 is sure for sons and daughters of big shots
    especailly sons of MInisters and Mps. How far its true i dont know in Kuensel Forum some body has written that Education minister’s daughter is pursuing MBBS in Srilanka, Pm’s relatives are pursuing medical courses in Thailand and health minister’s son is also pursuing MBBS somwhere. Owing to above i feel in name of shortage of doctors they have privatised the governmnet fund….what do u say honorale ol la????????

  14. Anonymous says

    i wonder who silenced our OL. his posts are now like bbs and kuensel simply featuring (u can guess) he appeared v. promising but only for a while.

    i would say bhutan is collapsing at the speed of light.

  15. Yeah, why honourable OL is so silent….wondering whether Honourable OL has any views/opinions on this hot issue…i personally like the idea in principle but lets see how it is implemented…should be given free and fair to all….that way m sure even middle class people can afford to send their children for MBBS…..LETS WAIT AND SEE….

  16. Yea , definitely the private going students are of big shots sons and daughter(cudnot qualify for scholarship)and now the biggest wonder is that they will b getting much much more higher stipend than those who sincerely performed well in the plus 2 examination..This simply demoralizes the well performing students.GOD…clean the mess out PLZZZZZZ .

  17. Well, there are many aspects to this funding of private medical students, but if I may play a bit of a spoilsport here, Would it be wrong to speculate that this act can also be contributing to the growing divide between the haves and the have-nots? Simply put – it’s safe to assume that the students privately studying medicine (am not speculating on their academic capabilities)are from well-to-do elite stocks. The government’s generous handout, in view of the prevailing drought of medical professionals makes their transition into that hallowed ring of noble and revered profession more comfortable. They will then reap all the benefits of being a qualified doctor as we simply do not have enough of them! So they will spontaneously gallop up the social ladder. And lo, you have another remote-controlled or physically driven instance of that classic social hegemony already in place!

  18. Find out how many sons and daughters of ministers/MPs are benefitting from this grant to medical students before you make your accusations. Not every one is like yourselves.

  19. Anonymous says

    As expressed by most of the fellow guys, I was bit skeptical too. Its a known fact that we are facing acute shortage of doctors and health workers, but present scenario explicitly shows some compromises in the quality. Though I may sound bit greedy or whatsoever, what I am trying to push up through this argument is to consider the academic performances for those private students(if ever given). “All”(irrespective of their academic stand) shouldn’t be the beneficiary of this generous grant from RGOB. I suggest accessing and following up with their grades every semester and accordingly regulating grant would be appropriate. “One must demonstrate satisfactory academic performance to gain this grant.” After all we the citizen shouldn’t be handed by half-baked doctors from crappy Universities.

  20. Demo-bhutan-Cratic says

    Honorable OL, Your interview with BBS on 18/3/09 was very democratic and open. I am particularly pleased that PDP is meeting on sunday. I'm always eager to hear from PDP. "PLEASE CONVIENCE H.E. Sangay TO CONTINUE WITH PRESIDENTSHIP OF PDP AND ALSO THE CANDIDATES TO CONTINUE IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PARTY & BHUTANESE DEMOCRACY"
    In the first election, many did not know what to do, what happened and what would happen.

  21. People talking about the stipends. I am a medical student here in Sri Lanka (private) and the stipend they get, its OK!!!! they have to stay in apartment, managa their life here, and buy the book n so many stuff. There r no sons n daughter of ministers n all here, they r all frm eastern dzongkhags who have earned their right for that position! U have no idea how hard it is to survive here, DOnt give stupid remarks!

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