Gender choices

Our last poll asked what you’d like to be reborn as in your next life. Most of us (133 or 42%) of us said that we did not care about the gender of our next birth. This is good, as it could mean that this group does not experience obvious gender biases in this life.

But 132 or about 42% of us said that we would prefer to be reborn as men. And, only 51 of us – that’s barely 16% – would choose to be reborn as women.

The last poll was meant to be amusing. It was also meant to make us indirectly reflect on the state of our women. The poll results, if they can be taken seriously, are not amusing.

Our new poll is on the tobacco control debate.


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  1. Dear OL

    Please pardon me but I am going to deviate from the topic to register my unhappiness at your support for DHI during the discussions in the Parliament. I cannot believe that a man of your intelligence truly meant what you said.

    I do not believe that your blind support for DHI stems from your need to show allegiance to our King. I think it is wrong to do so. In fact, you ought to know, more than anyone else, that it would be a great disservice to the King and his noble intentions that the DHI officers continue to pay themselves such disproportionate sitting fees even while they are drawing huge salaries which the whole country feels is unjustified.

    As a responsible citizen and the Leader of the Opposition who has earned substantial goodwill from the people, I am disappointed that you choose to opt for political mileage rather than oppose something that we all know is unfair.

  2. DHI and Royal Charter

    I am quite taken aback the way DHI has hijacked the royal charter in the formation of DHI and as an Autonomous body to do whatever they want to.
    Perhaps DHI has not understood the Royal Charter in its deepest and widest dimension. How would I Understand the Royal Charter if I were the Chairman or the CEO.
    I would percieve that the greatest worry of His Majesty is the miseries of his subject in greater percentage and the growth of poverty which is ever increasing. I would infer from HMs occassional visit to the rural bhutan that HM is so disturbed about the economic condition of our citizens-miserable life, caught in the vicious cycle because they have no capital and cannot invest and cannot educate and they do not have self-esteem because their livelihood is dependent on others and also when such situation occurs where is the individual citizen’s freedom from servitude. To break the vicious cycle for these people HM has been redistributing land. One can see easily that HM is so concerned about the well being of the nation.
    HM often reminds us the challenges we face economically. The economic resources at hand, capital and the need to achieve happiness. Happiness is a subjective matter but the distribution of GDP should be objective.
    We need to raise GDP anyhow to achieve GNH. GDP is required for government spending-for all sorts of development(Assumption-govt is perfect, ceteris paribus). The allocation of GDP should be such that it creates or portends to achieving GNH- 1.reducing inequality (I am specific here with our wage), 2.alleviating poverty and 3.creating employment.
    I would think that the Royal charter was issued to me (supposing that I am the chairman and the CEO) that I am entrusted with the task of achieving these three. and Here comes the true meaning of “Gyalpoi Ka dhe bahn re wa chi, bohn ser wa faang.”
    Now would I dare given the freedom of decision by the Royal Charter to usurp a huge monthly salary. The Concept of western CEO cannot be applied here for the moment-i think it is too early. The western CEOs are brimmed with imagination and brings home money and employment from outside and thereby contributes to the Nation’s GDP. Take for example BILL Gates. He thought out of the box. He created microsoft(we shall spare the talk on revolution brought about by the technology, so we shall focus on the economic aspect.) which helped the nation in employment and GDP by paying taxes. Here no one will complain if Bill Gates should give himself a salary of a BLANK CHEQUE, because his money does not belong to the nation. But whereas DHI is not creation of current CEO and the Chairman. They are entrusted the wealth of nation to manage and in turn see that the livelihood of bhutanese get better as year progresses and also most importantly that the wealth of nation does not fall in the fewer population who are already in the upper Gini Co-efficeint Index. The curve is such that the bottom majority is flat at the base that the curve extends farther away from the 45 degree line. We must bring the curve close to 45 degree which means whoever looks into the payscale should revisit the payscale scheme. Now seeing the payscale Would I (assuming the chairman) grant myself a wage which is unimaginable. Either the govt must revisit the pay-scale. looking at the payscale of the upper echeleon one can almost decide that the minimum paywage in bhutan should be 7000-10,000. If that is not possible, then I think we still need to sacrifice for our fellow bhutanese who cannot met the basic sustenance. The salary of the ministers and the chairman should be reduced. Sometimes it alarms me the way our policy makers think. Long ago our PM said that HM has given the ministers a right to a prado for their wives.
    My humble submission to the policy makers and people to whom HM has entrusted responsibilty is not to HIJACK the ROYAL CHARTER. Read HM between the lines. I think the way I work somtimes make me feel disgruntled because I work more and genuinely than those people who earns more salary.

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