Stop violence against women

Our mothers

“Commit, Act and Demand: We can stop violence against women”

This week’s banner celebrates International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.


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  1. I think we should be celebrating violence of any kind, not just against women.

  2. Sorry I meant to say , International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Anyone.

  3. Honble OL

    I would like to appologise for bringing something off the topic, coz i dint find any other appropriate forums to submmit u my view on : ” Govt not allowing the thram transfer of rehabilitation land even after 10 yrs, despite the land act 2007 allows to do that”

    ur colleague, dasho domchoe has rightly argued this on behalf of those victims…ppl are in situation where we cannot do things even within the endorsed provision of the laws, then where is the logics left of those acts….its the right of not only the govt to stop ppl doing the the rehabiliated land transactions but it is every one`s responsibility to go by the law..but doing it after 10 yrs of which is being allowed by the law/act is very legitimate. so what is ur openion on this…

    i sincerely appologies u for bringing this in a wrong topic and perhaps the forum too… will wait for ur views on this la….

    • Dear “trophel”

      The Land Act allows recipients of kidu land and rehabilitation land to sell or mortgage their property after ten years. The National Assembly agreed that officials must be made aware of this provision and ensure that people can enjoy their rights and privileges as enshrined in the laws.

      Please email me (or Dasho Damcho) if you’d like us to look into any particular case.


  4. Hon`ble OL,

    Thank you for the response and this particular issue doesnt confine to me in particular…..i would like to belive that this clearification sought, would benefit the larger victims who are kept supressed at the gewog and dzongkhag level…and once again sorry to all the viewers as well for using the issue under this topic…thank you la..

  5. Truth_is_Buddha says

    Hon’ble OL, discrimination against women in Bhutan continues and is even legally backed in certain national laws – ex Citizenship act.

    Children born to a Bhutanese man married to non-Bhutanese woman gets genuine nationality and original Citizenship Id cards while children of a Bhutanese woman married to non Bhutanese man can get only residentship permits (cannot vote, own land, fixed assets, etc).

    The question is are we really genuine in our committment to giving equal rights to our women???

  6. Truth_is_Buddha says

    Dear OL,

    I am interested to hear the Opposition’s views on the unequal rights of a Bhutanese woman, as I mentioned in my earlier comment.

    Why does the children born to a Bhutanese woman have to be placed as 2nd class citizen when the children of a Bhutanese father is considered genuine Bhutanese??? when both their spouses are non-Bhutanese.

    If we can amend tobacco laws that affected only a handful of people, why can’t we amend the citizenship act, which affects half of the Bhutanese population???

    If this remains so, we can consider that the practical aspects of compassion is dead in Bhutan and that we only engage in buttered talks and sweetened speeches.

    Thank you for agreeing to listen and think.

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