Sexual harassment

My wife and our daughter, aged 12, walk home every afternoon. They enjoy their walks, but they’ve been harassed by all sorts of men including commuters, taxi drivers and even school students, in uniform, younger than our son.

The eve-teasing is offensive and hurtful. Yet, they’ve continued to walk, even if they have to suffer sexual harassment, hoping that, sooner or later, we, men, will learn to respect our women, and permit them the freedom and simple pleasure of walking home from school or work.

During their walk today, they met the procession of vehicles carrying effigies and other remnants from the Jana Chidey prayer ceremonies. The men yelled catcalls at them; then they threw some remnants at them; and when my wife protested, they bombarded them with even heavier remains from the prayer ceremonies.

And who were the perpetrators? A couple of monks, in robes. And four policemen, in uniform.

My wife and daughter were harassed by monks, whose mission it is to spread the dharma, and by policemen, whose job it is to protect our citizens.

So they’ve decided to stop walking. They’ve given up. They’ve realized that eve-teasing in Thimphu is not just offensive and hurtful – it’s dangerous. They’ve decided, wisely, that, even in the middle of the day, Thimphu’s roads are not safe for women.



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  1. Pasang Dorji says

    I am sorry to hear about these issues. Yes, monks who are roaming around Thimphu are not there to spread dharma, they are just like stray dogs wandering here and there, taking away people’s wealth. And I also personally feel that monks of of the Monasteries are no real monks. So, don’t try to respect those monks. But what about the Police? They should instead stop harrasers from harassing others. It clearly shows how useless Bhutanese police are. And it also shows how uneducated Bhutanese people are.
    Jana Chidey prayer ceremonies or whatever it is, I think it is a wastage of money.

  2. hi,you are the Leader of the Opposition Party,,you should raise some issue,,other wise it will become like some indian states where govt in place of punishing men for rape,,requests women to stay indoors to prevent rape

  3. dorji rinchen says

    an insult to the ‘red robe’ and the ‘uniform’- the bearers of which enjoy great reverence in the country. may be it’s time to redefine our saviour- the gentlemen, lets be!

  4. this is the paradox that bhutan lives with..
    monks teasing & eyeing girls, police joining in where they’re expected to prevent, a pm who shamelessly preaches gnh all the while satisfying his greed through scams like gyepshing, a finance minister in wangdi norbu who is totally out of sync with the rupee crisis & more focussed on double quotas & perks for mps, a semi-educated health minister who is in a quagmire with issues in the health sector, a speaker who cannot speak dzongkha nor english properly, a communications minister who communicates incoherently, a home minister who looks like indian activist anna hazare but is nowhere near his achievements, a works minister who works for himself, a foreign minister who is literally foreign in his portfolio given his absence from work & long sojourns to nyc, a labor minister who is trying all out to try & fit in the cabinet, an agriculture minister that seems confused between personal & working life, an education minister that needs educating on proper education..

  5. INVISIBLE says

    Dear OL and Readers,

    I am sorry to hear what happened to your family. I agree with OL. I am against eve-teasing. I am a staunched Buddhist. But I also agree with some readers here that we shouldn’t spend so much money on “ceremonies” (whatever the ceremonies may be when the country is going through economic difficulties).

    That said, my conscience forces me to be “empathetic” to ordinary monks and ordinary police personnel. I qualify here word “ordinary” because many of them would fit in the category of “invisible” people – invisible to those who are privileged and those who walk the corridors of power. Allow me to make some arguments to protect “invisible” people. I am not going to protect Police Force or Monkhood, but just poor individuals (to whom the Government and us fail to invest and uplift them).

    My experiences to remote villages (about 300 remote villages) taught me that many of the underprivileged children from the poorest of the poor families either land up as police chumas or monks. Hence, I am empathetic to their “barbaric” behavior even while I am outraged at their behavior. The question that pricks my mind is who and how can we civilize them, uplift them, train them, etc?

    I still have unfinished stories in my hand scribbled old notebooks from the villages visit such as titled:

    “Monk or Maid: Mother’s Dilemma” – a story that if you are very poor child, there is high likelihood that your mother might (against her own painful heart) send you either to become monk or maid (someone’s babysitter) because that is the free way out of abject poverty.

    or “Soldier who Sold his Salary” – a story of how a army chuma or police chuma never get to see his full meagre salary because it was already mortgaged to BDFC to get CGI roofing for his parents Bago (hut) in- say Goshing village in Zhemgang.

    So before public are outraged at ordinary monks or ordinary police personnel, I would be curious to find out exact background of those monks and police personnel who threw those ceremonial pebbles.

    Perhaps, as someone pointed out, we should re-direct money for ceremonies to money for better training ordinary police personnel and feeding better ordinary monks.

    That said, I applaud OL to bringing out women’s issue in a tangible way for public discussion. Our police need to do better job and our monks need to behave better. Push for more money in the parliament to educate them better before our Government send strong “scolding” message to the Police or Dratshang – victims will be poor monks getting taytha (canning) from Kudrung or poor chumas carrying sand bags on their back as punishment. Destroying or breaking the backs of poor monks or poor chumas may not be a solution forward. There must be other ways to do it, and it all starts when we start talking.


  6. thats true la.. i feel especially the Tango Monks who don’t possess such characters in spreading drama. they are just hunting for girls

  7. This has become a daily activity in Thimphu. i too go for walk in the evening and i face same thing some times including jeering from some female groups.

    i fully agree with what topden has shared.

  8. Interesting! I think this article brings out many issues at front apart from eve teasing.

  9. Eve teasing is social nuisance and there is no justification for it. The straight forward view is, these culprits should be punished for their shameless act. We should also think of some kind of legislation to stop this kind of social problem like eve teasing, night hunting etc….

  10. It has always been like this…the police are one of the most dangerous ppl around and MONKS, I guess the Dragtsang doesn’t even care, we see monks in their robes with families moving around freely…how sad.

  11. eyes have it says

    i have seen with my own eyes how the monks in the villages change their sacttified red robes to pants & trousers after dark so that they can go night hunting……
    i have seen with my own eyes that police who is suppose arrest smokers entering the bath room with the culprits and sharing the cigaratte….
    i have seen with my own eyes that travelling in the city buses for ladies/ girls is a challenge with our students eve teasing them……even the ladies who collect the city bus fare are not spared…..
    it is for the first time such a social crime is coming into the forefront of discussion… thanks OL for bringing these issues here…. take it to the parliament and see what can be done… ..

  12. Azhang Bapsue says

    This activity is not only in Thimphu, it every you go. I often see too many people or perhaps employees would be better, using all sorts of languages to their lady co-mates be it of their age of not…

    The labour Act does have this about Sexual Harassment, but then who is following it?. The question is why the government is not taking up measures or is this our Bhutanese habits and trends to play or make fun with our co-mates or the people. Sexual Harassment need to be considered if not someday it will pay You Back,….

    The above is pertaining to both Men and Women.

  13. Somewhat do I agree with what Invisible have critiqued but not wholly. You talked about barbaric nature!!!. I think people, who are monks or police man, they are not unqualified to be regarded as educated except that their way of rules is bit different from the formal education. Perhaps the author should look into the gist of ‘education’ once again from various standpoints. All those who go to schools or colleges are not educated lord, unless their behavior change well enough to serve humanity. Everyone can be educated provided your process of learning leads you to be a good human. I don’t fault anyone of my honorable and good friends here but the law implementers whom I feel be supposed to be held responsible for that. Everyone nowadays knows eve-teasing is against law… At this point a question can be still raised: -did any leaders or law enforcers do something to avoid such miserable situation? I think it is not uncommon in our country be it in the villages or in the cities, the condition are all the same. Our leaders today are farsighted but self-farsighted. I mean they formulate policies because they are forced to. However they are not a real hero while coming to implementation. I saw some time ago, ACC trying to act HERO, but now, I find ACC losing its rhythm. Why? The only possible reason: – fear to lose their head. For me as long as you do the right thing in the right time, sincerely, honestly and justly, you should determinedly stand in your principles and philosophy. Actually, I am trying to give you some examples, which probably are the possible zeitgeber for the cause of aforementioned issues in our context. People are concerned more for themselves than what they are supposed to be. Leaders themselves are aware about underhanded things occurring at different levels but are less uptight for the reason that they care their life so much. Should someone be a public leader must be ready to forfeit for anything no matter what; for the betterment of people and the country, otherwise never opt to be a leader. I don’t want to brooch point here but I hope our good cream of the crop would remain more fanatical than they do. Another example could be related to ‘rupee crunch’ that has begun, I think we owe much to our leaders also. I don’t think those petty contractors or small businessman can take bulk of rupee outside our country. Sadly the government just barks to these people opening account in the neighboring states of India.
    To conclude, ‘All in all’ are our leaders who should take a serious matter to this ‘eve-teasing’ in particular…. I am also one amongst those concerned who is very much against this. Do something just like we have been doing for tobacco control. Finally I owe all of my good friends a sincere apology, if I have offended your good sentiments…

  14. Hon`ble OL,


    But what about a monk SONAM TSHERING caught in tobacco smuggling, whose mission do not deviate from spreading Dharma as well???

  15. i would suggest all women in thimphu to make their own personal decisions by doing what is right.all women should carry a dragger or a taser. who ever tries to harass them should be punished,be it the monk or police since they are DOGS and dogs should be tamed!!

  16. tashee tashee says

    I am with you your excellency in this issue. Thing are becoming even worst as the time and the laws implemented strongly against all these thing though.And just wonder who is responsible. Even if we complain to the cop its just the wastage of the time and in between ashamed thy self. Resistance is all we woman can do but for How long??? is the evening and morning walk not meant for we woman???
    Well, again to my surprise i saw a monk smoking so openly where i was embarrassed having seen that whole moment, finally losing faith in all those red roped around who is sheltered in a pure clean blessed temples and Dzongs is all we can do, and who is to be blamed the monk, the unstable Government’s rules WHO WHO WHO???

  17. Enough has already been said by other readers to those monks and men in uniform.

    I have nothing more to say,just want to point that the issues will be highlighted and discussed in the Parliament only when mothers, wives and daughters of high ranking officials and lyenpos and people like are O.L are sexually harassed.

    It is not a new thing at all.Our Bhutanese women have been facing these harassment from a long time back.I clearly remember when I was a kid how people when moving in vehicles,specially police and army personal used to pass lewd comments and shout at women and school girls.So,in those days it didn’t become and issue at all.And now suddenly when some big shots wives and daughters are shouted at and commented it became an issues.

  18. it high time that some monk ********** dont deserved the respect in their attires, who gona belive that they are throwing the remnent of puja to women,

  19. Dear all,
    Very well said and wise solution to this particular issue laid down by ‘Invisible’. Eve Teasing is a crime, and the culprits must be punished but at the same time how many people should we punish. the detention room is filled with gang fighters and drug abusers. Education would be the best solution in any case. The first elected government has not failed but also not succeeded in several areas from handling economy to providing primary health care. PM was too much engaged in flourishing GNH outside Bhutan and never cared enough to educated enough our own fellow citizens on GNH. i think OL should move a legislation to protect our women from what your family suffered. our family suffer this on regular basis.
    I heard that in other countries people feel safe when they see a police men in uniform, but in Bhutan and India people fear seeing policemen. i agree it is true,even if we want to file complaint with all the rights, we are made to go through harassment by police. instead of all luxury Pick ups for no work, police should have invested in capacity building for better services.

  20. I do agree with Honorable Lyenpo and rest of the comments about the behavior of police and the monks. I also share the same concern on the matter, but as Toka rightly pointed out this is not something new to Bhutanese society, albeit, suddenly this is the issue of concern that need to be discussed and calls for improvement owing to present scenario, I do not agree in making the dirty comments and sensitizing the issue when it only happens with big shots.
    This shows the Paradox of so called Educated People. Instead of understanding the problems and causes behind such manner and than supporting those illiterate and poor people, making issue in manner like this is not any good solution, just a political aspiration to gain public support through sentiment. Had our Democracy come through such making the issues like this and in this manner, I am sure today there would have no any peace in our country.
    When I say this I do not mean to deny the fact that such things are unethical and I also do not meant to say it should not be stopped. Of course, it should be and that is the main point we are discussing here. But, as INVISIBLE has said we need to work for it in the productive way than blindly blaming the poor people or ordinary people. Such cases should be Studies in extensive manner and standard solution should be drawn. Apart from that, I doubt how ‘fire can put of the fire.’


  21. I fully agree with Invisible. It indeed made me recall a joke shared by my friend. He shared that if you have lots of children and if you cannot afford them a decent education or job in life. Best solution is to enroll them in Gelong or Army.
    Jokes aside, what needs to be done is to address the problem at the root. Instead of procuring fancy bike, cycle and hilux with fancy siren, Cheif of Police need to look into inculcating values and training to his own men. It is not only ordinary police men or army i have seen in many occasion that Dasho themselves are involved in such act. I cannot forget the incident of my school days where in the then Dasho KD of traffic, gratifying himself by jeering at the girls of YHSS and Lungtenzampa.

  22. Lyonpo, you need to raise this issue. Eve teasing is a crime and should be punishable.

  23. tenzin wangchuk says

    eve teasing by young boys and avoiding the corrupt people in office by authority has become fashion. No one to counter check

  24. Eve teasing a serious evil. This is taken very seriously in India, but in Bhutan it is somewhat accepted. But it is high time the LAW (excluding those 4 policemen) did something about it. It is embarassing when you are out with your family and people make comments which are not normally acceptable.

    I have seen our people even throw remarks on tourists. Few may take it lightly but it could impact the inflow of tourists too. All in all this is a very disturbing aspect of our society. I heard even many ministers still do it in office or when they go as guests to the dzongkhags and schools.

    High time something is done about it.

  25. Monks, when in group, are worse in shouting at or teasing women passerby. They uses filthy language not worthy of wearing Sangaygi Namza. They must be brought in line or else our belief in our religion will fade away some day.

  26. seethetruth says

    To all the Bhutanese womem,
    Use your cellphone video camera to record those people. Put up on youtube. Shaming them is one of the most effective ways. Also it can be used as proof incase there is police investigation.
    Few women did that in New York City and it helped a lot.
    Use the technology you have. Maybe someone can start a program to empower women in Bhutan by teaching them how to use these technologies.
    Maybe OL can do that by starting with your wife.

  27. economist says

    Whenever we hear news about a man being stabbed by a hooligan, a woman harassed by a monk or whatever, we usually tend to empathize with the victim by demonizing the miscreant or perpetrator. But hardly do we question what is the root cause of all these problems and who is/are causing all these sorts of problems. And at times what baffles me really is seeing lamas with price tags and always into innocent ladies when they are meant to be spreading the teachings of Buddha and showing good examples to their students,monks.What really bothers me again is this group of pseudo-educated lady folks-instead of becoming role models to the uneducated and disadvantaged counterparts and representing the voice of the empowerment of women, engages in playing khuru and stuff like that out of sheer arrogance and pomposity and also under the mistaken pretext of gender equality. Lastly, what really really bothers me is seeing our politicians and policy makers-instead of finding solutions or at least trying to assuage social and economic ills like juvenile delinquency, youth unemployment, the ailing economy and eve-teasing- super super expert at voting away individual rights and civil liberties enshrined in the constitution by enacting unthinkable laws,presenting every possible rationalization if it’s to serve their interest and always alien to the virtue of apologizing by admitting mistakes to the people.

    On a different note, if you are a lady and if someone eve-teases you, just stone the guy!! you are immune from legal action. You have my word!!

  28. Monks and police men teasing women, Bhutanese youth indulging into drugs, gang fights, factory workers raping and impregnating 13 years school girl and the list go on. Why such things are happening in the land of GNH? The government should seriously look into social evils and find out some solutions otherwise the land of GNH is going to become Land of hooligan.Maybe the laws in Bhutan are lenient and we need to come out with stringent like other countries. See the crime rates in Bhutan, it is increasing by manifold from the previous record. Now, people in Thimphu are sacred of going out at night and there is always fear in our people. when there is a fear,our people are not in peace. With such things I don’t know where Bhutan is heading for and nobody can predict Bhutan after 10 or 20 years from now.

  29. Paro PenloP (P3) says

    Definitely yes la, what OL you have been was…I also saw, so many monks, students, non-students who do ol this types of bad things la. Even Police who protect our citizens….!!!

  30. eve teasing in bhutan has become a social menace. in general i hate people looking down on female. monks and police are are groups who are always hungry for ***.
    by the way if you have your wives or sisters working in new york please be careful. there are so many monks (geteys) who are making good use of them. they have already caused so many divorces and misunderstandings….

  31. In today’s Bhutan monks living in Dratshang is understatement while monks living in Drayang is overstatement. Monks live somewhere in between…I am just no sure why state invests so much in monks…perhaps Bhutan should go China way at least in matter of religion….
    However, monks are needed to show off our GNH..that is why i don’t want to go against monk..i just want to name my son Truleku Rinpoche….

  32. Some ideas how a women should be equipped to deal with eave teasers.
    1. buy one fourth kg of dried indian red chillies.
    2. Grind chillies into fine powder or can buy pure indian red hilly powder from any grocery shop which comes in packet.
    3. mix chilly powder with one fourth litre of water to gain high concentrated solutuion.
    4. strain solution through a fine double layer of cloth.
    5. buy toy water gun from any toy shop, fill gun with chilly water solution, cap it tighly and carry in the handbag ready.
    6. if toy water gun is not available look for 5 or 10ml plastic syringe, fill it with chilly solution, cap it tighly so that it does not mess up with other belongings in the handbag.
    7. carry this solutiom whenever you for jogging or evening walk.
    8. to the eave teasers, spary it to any exposed body particularly to face and eye from a distance of 10 to 15ft.
    9. carry chilly powder and blow or throw it at eave teasers or molester’s face if both the toy gun and syringe is hard to get.
    For rogues like above monks and police personnel, it demands to be dealt with such weapon but no dagger as suggested by random. My wife and daughter are also became viction of eave teasing during kamai wang in phuntsholing where two young monks jeered and teased them when they went for evening walk. This is first time such issues have come out in the media. Let’s watch what actions are taken against those monks and police personnel. For other women, before anything happen be equipped with weapon as explained above and see what the law says as there seems to be no law for protection fo women against the eave teasers.

  33. y is everybody on to monks bashing. n plz don’t generalize, not all monks are alike. n plz stop being bunch of hippocrates. like one of the commenters said above even the so called dashoes n lyonpos do flirtings. to me in a buddhist country like bhutan, to me monks r nothing more than any schoolgoing students. don’t expect them to be buddhas. if u really want to blame, u should actually blame the administrative systems of the monk body. all this happens because of the weak admn systems in the monasteries.
    and hello ppl, Dzongsar khentse himself said in one of his interviews in kuensel that there is record in the teachings of buddha in the sutra that a monk should refrain from taking necotines, infact if u happen to visit the Gelug monastries u will see most of the monks including geshes use a substance called zatey of jatey or whatever, which is essentially made from necotine. so stop harping on that monk guy who was caught with few sticks of ciggerates.
    god, we bhutanese r besically bitches regardless of the sexes, especially the govt workers who have nothing to to do but to write shitty comments on everything under the sun.

  34. Just Asking says

    Eve teasing is unfortunately an accepted behaviour.

    Women can hardly walk in peace and Bhutan has convened a high level meeting on GNH in New York.

  35. I think you must be one amongst them but I bet you will comprehend only when things happen under your sunshade. Before assembling all those gory comments I think learn to look into the mirror. I mean show empathy than just looking through your own glasses. If we don’t get right with such messes now; when are we going to come out of such shits? I don’t blame you but your preachers who brought you like that. Hadn’t there been attitude like yours, would have kept our country happy as its philosophy states. Merely eloquent to read and engrave a good essay doesn’t craft an educated lord.
    I am bit skeptic about your idea though I find some good points in your statement. But be reminded; why other countries are far beyond us? I am not asking anyone to follow the modernization philosophy but it’s always better to experience good from other’s experience than putting yourself to experience. Moreover it is not that we don’t have any countries where eve-teasing is absolutely forbidden. I don’t want to mention them but explore yourself. Our country is small and if we yearn for, we can make difference that would be one among labyrinths that would open us to real GNH. I am aware that you and me is just a small plummet in the ocean, but be taught; how much we can throw in in our own possible ways to build a civilized society. Let’s get out of age old customs… let’s be more civilized….and do away with eve-teasing dear friends. All is well!!!!
    With due respects

  36. Rational-Man says

    Hon’ble OL could take those people to court like he took the government to court.

    It is an issue of concern to all of us.

  37. Dear OL and friends,
    What is your motive of posting this issue here. Are you just publicizing what happened to your family? Do you expect to be appologised by those perpetrators after reading this? Or, do you again want to undermine our country’s image? The best solution in my opinion would be is to acuse those culprits and prosecute them in the right place.

  38. We discuss endlessly about men harassing girls and women and thats good for awareness. However, we never hear about the many young women out there who keep harassing men through the mobile phones – lucky dip calls and all. And sometimes direct soliciting for favours e.t.c. And yet again there those bundled with cash who pry on young ones shamelessly. Lets be balanced when we raise an issue.

  39. Kelpazangla says

    Dear OL, as a Parliamentarian are you thinking of a way to stop this misbehavior? In my opinion such an incident is calling on our lawmakers to take action, not to keep on talking.

  40. Nyamgawaitosa says

    As a politician, you have failed to bring up these issues in parliament – instead bending with the wind according to the situtation on every opinion (re Sonam Tshering and tobacco). As a husband and father, you have failed to protect the honour of your wife and daughter (why put up with the insults). As a citizen, you have failed to book the errant monks and cops. Your only motive seems to be to blame the government as usual.

  41. This is indeed a worrying trend, but even more worrying is that some people in this forum actually seem to be defending the cops and monks involved in such practices. I am sure they would all be singing s different tune if somehow female members of their families had been the victims.

  42. Dear Loka and invissible,
    Kindly stop your bullsheets. The OL is already bringing what not bullsheets in theis forum including his family stories and two of your personal comments bring more dammage to this forum. I thought that OL designed this forum to give suggestions and feedbacks to the goverment. But, it’s mostly used as a propaganda against the government. Unfortunately, this forum is viewed by only a handful of people.

  43. Loka, true to your nick you are really loka with jealousy over Invisible’s success. Please don’t resort to such cheap tactics, it doesn’t behoove an educated person like you.

  44. our OL has created this wonderful forum to encourage discussion and debate on real issues. please stop attacking or defending personal issues here.

  45. gachibewmo says

    Invisible, hats off to you. You deserve to be where you are and should be proud of what you have achieved. Don’t let jealous, small minded guys like Loka upset you or undermine your achievements. Let him rant as much as he wants. No one would take such allegations seriously as it is obvious why he is doing that.

  46. Men, alone, has no courage to tease female. Eve teasing, mostly happens, when male species gather in group and i guess it is kind of male chauvinism prevalent in many countries.

    In Bhutan, i came across eve teasing during archery match. In this case, people take it as kind of cultural norms where it is taken lightly.

    But i fully sympathize with victims of this practice. Personally, i do not believe in enacting law for restricting human habits; it often back fires such as Tobacco Act and also difficult to implement and regulate. I think education may help or as someone suggested, naming and shaming may prevent it to some extend.

    I think we should design some psycho-analytical experiment to find out why some section of male population is prone to eve-teasing. Perhaps, we may find unexpected result such as abnormal arrangement of grey-matter cells of those prone to this activity or their brain cells firing unusually when in group and seeing the female species. We could also measure the hormonal level of such subjects.


  47. Loka,

    Shut the **** up! I personally know Invisible and he is one of the most decent guys you can ever come across. I know what he’s been thru’ life and to what cause he’s dedicated his life. Infact, giving up everything he has (had?) so that he may make a difference in the lives of the less privileged is something the rest of us ass***** ( including me) can learn from Invisible.

    Good luck with your studies, Invisible, and come back soon so that you continue to make differences, however small, in the lives of our less fortunate countrymen.

  48. Dear all.. Cheers for your comments. I enjoyed going through it . My prayers for good action to happen soon. May all enjoy the joy of existence…

    My Huge support to Heart that Invisible Posses. I admire your true compassion and courage in this forum. I would love to know you more.

    Loka, Watch yourself!

  49. Kelpazangla says

    I can see some hypocrats in this forum. People who enjoy eveteasing in the practical life are being so sentimental here in writeups. Most bhutanese are used to of eveteasing, more so, those who drink, those who gamble, those to play archery and those who drive cars. It will take ages to make corrections unless our MPs/law makers make a miracle move.

    The OL easily could have reported the case to the Police and Monastic authorities and punished the defaulters instead of making it an issue on the blog.

  50. I am amazed to know how some people can really have two faces. They say something and actually does the the opposite. I wish everyone could be genuine, both in words and deeds.
    As regards eveteasing, I agree it is a real menace in Bhutan. I therefore challenge the OL to bring in some change in the form of policy.

  51. girlinred says

    Very true. I agree it is always the men who disrespect women, flirt and take women for ride who pretend they have high regard for women. Unfortunate but quite true.

  52. Why doesn’t OL blame PM for the eve-teasing? Whatever that is of displeasure happens to OL, he blames no one, but the PM. I really find it hard to understand.

  53. Live Free says

    Dear Invisible.. my humble advice while posting on these blogs as a well wisher, remain anonymous and noone will raise hell or misinterpret it as marketing and bragging.

  54. Hi Live Free,
    I totally disagree with the advice you are giving Invisible to remain anonymous while commenting. Genuine, courageous and wise people mostly live their lives like an open book. I think Invisible coming full face in such an open forum definitely shows that he has fewer skeletons in his closet than most of us.

  55. LOKA, you deserve nothing more then Middle fingers.

    We have already appreciated the comments made by Invisible and its not good to bring someone’s identity in social forum, who the m….. f….. are you to attack some one personally in this forum.

    Invisible, you can give his identity too, someone said to me long time ago, that when you are successful, do not tell the world and your frens for they are the people most disturbed and unhappy at your success.

    Please keep posting and dont worry about this LOKA.

  56. Zamtsho, two of my middle fingers for you. Use those to f..ur two holes of your nose. You don’t know him or you are of his category. If you start bogus here…I will write some more of his personal stories. I have decided to end here since he decided to.

  57. I read lot of comments by INVISIBLE on various topics in this blog. I tend to agree with LOKA. Invisible seems to posses substantial amount of knowledge, I saw most of his contents written about himself be it relevant or not. The very reason LOKA may have recognized who INVISIBLE is, is because he wrote about himself. Bhutan is small and has too little people to not know who and will be testified if one claims what he is not. People should write about the subject in discussion purely so that one’s identity remains anonymous.
    On the other hand, LOKA should be bit sensible enough to not make it too personal and do a personal attack. If you knew it was someone you knew, you could have called him up and discuss about it in privacy.
    Please stop this in the public forum.
    Thank you.

  58. True that, Lyonpo la!
    Thimphu has become a very dangerous city, not just for the women but also for men! But, we can now see some improvement, with RBP officials in every corner of the city!

  59. visibility says

    Invisible working for the unfortunate could be the greatest joke of the millenium.

  60. Kill them teasers, I am Bhutanese and don’t believe in passiveness , exterminate violence with violence ten folds , send fear to the hearts of the miscreants, Set an example. chilly powder is not enough. a humiliating death by decapitation is the only solution for these miscreants


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