Learning taekwondo

Galek, my daughter, attends taekwondo classes twice a week. This is one of the activities organized by her school for their students during the winter holidays. Galek loves it.

I accompanied her yesterday. I wanted to see how good she’d become. Instead I got to see how good our boys are.

Galek’s coach, Sir Kinley, had called his friends to do a short demonstration for his students. They put on quite a show – performing complicated moves, perfectly choreographed fights, breaking wooden boards and smashing apples blindfolded. Galek and her friends enjoyed the performance. That was the idea. I was enthralled. They are good.

The boys, all sporting black belts, are mainly students. They are members of our national team and they meet every day to train together. They are committed. And most of them have already decided to become taekwondo coaches.

A senior member of the group, Kinley Tshering, 21 years, class 12 in Rinchen HSS, has been learning taekwondo for the last 14 years. He started under Master Tharchen even before he joined school!

Kinley and his friends need and deserve the government’s support. The stipend they used to get as members of our national team has been withdrawn – it needs to be reinstated; and they should have access to scholarships to continue training after high school. Otherwise, it will be difficult to sustain their interest. And that won’t be good for the new taekwondo enthusiasts, one of whom is practicing her kicks and punches even as I post this entry.


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  1. Apa, it’s thrice a week 🙂

  2. Thank you for your support – I totally agree. The boys are good and it would help them if they got a little something extra….especially when they represent our country and make us proud.

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