Student on ice

Nishtha Sinha is Bhutan’s first student to visit Antarctica.

Nishtha, an Indian, studies in Lungtenzampa MSS. So she represented two countries – Bhutan and India – when she participated in the 15-day Antarctic University Expedition 2009.

The expedition, which ended yesterday, was organized by Students on Ice, a unique program that takes students, teachers and scientists to Antarctica and the Arctic to learn about and to develop respect for the world’s ecosystem.

Nishtha, along with other student researchers from high schools and universities from a dozen countries, blogged from their “school” onboard the research ship, MV Ushuaia. Her second blog can be read here.

Well done Nishtha. And well done Lungtenzampa MSS.

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  1. Pema Rinzin says

    Well done, Nishtha. You did us, Bhutan, proud. And OL keep it up. Your blog is informative. I’ve been following since the first time I knew from BT. And I’ve a blog too(incase you wanna read once a while n drop any comments) ie.
    Keep writing OL! good luck.

  2. Well Its good too see our friendly neighbour representing Bhutan as well..
    For that a cheers!!

    but it would be more awesome to see our own youths representing Bhutan and makin ur more proud..

  3. Anonymous says

    Nice to see young women involved in international issues.
    OL – please don’t forget to inform your readers on Intl Women’s day this Sunday – there are so many issues still to address equality in our society

  4. Anonymous says

    Isn’t there a single Bhutanese student in Lungtenzampa MSS who could represent Bhutan in the expedition?…. I am simply flabbergasted….and I take no pride in this Indian girl whatsoever…..Bhutanese MUST represent Bhutan!!

    watta pathetic situation we have in our country, dah!!!

  5. hey Nishtha firstly thank you for representing Bhutan.
    And this comment is for the Anonymous…
    hey Anonymous how could you tell all those words to Nishtha and how could you insult the students of lungtenzampa MSS huh. if you are really pathetic with the situation and if you really want to see a Bhutanese representing Bhutan then why don’t you be the first one to represent Bhutan…..

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