Tashi Penjore

Thirty two people were cremated today. 18 of them were pilgrims who died in the recent plane crash in Nepal. The rest were from other parts of the country – they were bought to Thimphu when their families learnt that that His Majesty the King was personally supporting the cremations, and that His Holiness the Je Khenpo was presiding over the final rites.

Most of us know about the recent tragedy in Nepal. And some of us have heard heart-wrenching stories about the victims and their families.

But what about the rest? What about the other 14 who were cremated today? Most of them were old. And some of them had been quite ill. One of them, however, was young, and he’d been healthy.

Tashi Penjore, 14 years old, committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree. He killed himself because he had failed his exams. He was in Class 7.


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  1. kinzangchophel says

    Oh what a sad yeah!!

  2. Indeed it was a very sad momment. I was there.

    More than the cremation process, it was heartbreaking to see the distance that HM’s Dasho Droyner, Zimpon’s team and you the Hon’ble Opposition Leader maintaining from the DPT Govt. Ministers and the MPs. This is not at all healthy for the Sovereignty of this small nation. Not at all appropriate in a public gathering.

    You all are the leaders and everyone looks upto your examples.

    • Dear YPenjor:

      I’m deeply saddened by your observation. Needlessly to say, it is wrong.

      I went to the cremation grounds to offer my condolences and moral support to the families of the deceased, but especially to those of the plane crash victims. I went alone. And, like all the other mourners, I went from pyre to funeral pyre making offerings and prayers for the departed. Along the way, I met some ministers, MPs and other acquaintances – I greeted them, but did not socialize with any of them. That was not the place or the time to do so.

      After paying my respects to the deceased, I stood by one pyre, that of my friend’s late mother. I stood there for sometime. After the pyres’ were lit, I left – quietly and alone.

      I apologise if, by being restrained and sensitive, I hurt your feelings or alarmed you in anyway. Please rest assured that that was not the intention.


  3. i wish our (old-fashioned?) system of assessment or evaluation receives the attention it deserves.

    may the departed soul rest in peace.

  4. It was a day of mourning. The fact that everyone was there- the entire HM secretarial team, the PM who rushed from Dewathang, the OL, the ministers who were in town and MPs, everything presided by the Je Khenpo, was simply heart warming.

    I was proud to be Bhutanese, honestly

    I prayed that I get the same attention when I die.

  5. Thank you Hon’ble OL for the clarification. To clarify a bit on my part, the observation I made in this blog is not actually my personal observation. I was just putting forward the gossip that was going around at the cremation ground. I am fully along with you that cremation ground is not the right place to socialise with people of your own group but to support and sympathy the beraved families. However, I thought it will be worthwhile to make you aware of diverse observations that diverse individuals make when you the leaders mingle with public.
    Thanks once again.

  6. I have been looking at the papers for this bit of news ever since I heard about it from you. There was nothing. I am curious if not reporting this is deliberate on the paper’s part. And if it is, then what is their reasoning behind it. I would think that a young boy killing himself over something like failing in exams is an issue that should be talked about. Im not saying we blame the government for suicides, but something is seriously wrong if a child chooses to die for academic failure. Its time to wonder what we are really teaching our children.
    And for the record, I beleive that our education is seriously flawed. i don’t know how it was before the nineties, but when I went to school, teachers more or less discouraged you to do anything besides study for exams. in every class i went to i had one teacher or another who would discourage me from reading other books besides textbooks. I hope that has changed.

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