Is Thimphu fine?

My son is fine. But I’m concerned that Thimphu is not.

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  1. Phuntsho says

    My prayers for your son’s quick recovery!

    You’re right. Thimphu’s not safe. Is anybody doing anything about it?

    I am concerned like you.

  2. So sorry to hear abt that. Wishing him a very quick recovery.
    Thimphu, definitely is not safe and authorities concerned must do something about it.

  3. Thimphu’s move ahead is definitely not going in the right direction. The first move for the social safety is to do something about Alcohol, drugs and the night clubs. Secondly, the govt. and the Municipal authority (TCC and may be even PCC) seriously need to consider measures for public safety.

    Prayers for quick recovery of your son…nice to read your first sentence…”my sone is fine”.

  4. Dear OL,
    It is very said to hear that story and i know Thimphu is not safe especially during the nightfall……. and it is the duty of parents to care their children after the nightfall
    “In olden days the moment it get dark, people rush in and now the moment it get dark, people rush out” and” I Pray The Kenchosum that your loving son will soon recover very well….

  5. Off the topic, OL, now the time has come for you to challenge the diverse verdicts of the Courts on Tobacco cases. But, the challenge I suppose will be with Judiciary system and not the DPT government.

    If the Judge in Paro has discretionary power to pass the verdict on bail for the 3 Paro Tobacco Act defendants…why didn’t the Thimphu and the Chukha Drangpons utilize this power for Sonam Tshering and the Driver’s case.

    Such imbalance implementation of laws are actually the seeds for voilence acts.

  6. I am sorry to hear about your son OL, and I am happy to hear that he is in good shape. I agree Thimphu is definitely not safe. Few weeks ago I witnessed a guy beat another guy with a huge stick on his head. The other guy was bleeding so bad, few cops show up. The guy runs away, and that was the end of it. Cops could not even run after the suspect. Now I don’t blame out cops, they are not provided with anything. They are defenseless. In other countries cops are given guns, tasers, handcuffs, radios, cell phones, batons, etc. Let equip our cops so that they can do their jobs better.

    On on side topic, I agree with Ypenjor, there is something really weird about out tobacco laws. Few others were also released on bail where as monk Sonam was not even given bail during the hearing. Not only were Paro suspects released on bail, their bail was a joke. 100 ngultrum a day, come on, they should be atleast made to pay a years worth of their salary. The army captain should be out of the job since he is not medically fit to be an officer, he also should be charged with misusing his power, he send the constable to commit a criminal activity. The constable had no choice because in army they always follow chain of command.

    On another note, there is something wrong with Paro Drangpon, he was also responsible for issuing arrest warrant for the captain involved with verbal exchange with Kipchu’s son.

  7. I am sorry this happened to your son. And I agree with you that Thimphu is becoming a dangerous place.

    In other countries, such serious problems of violence, gangs, drugs, alcohol, and gambling would give their leaders, government, and concerned authorities sleepless nights. It’s not that our leaders are not aware of what’s going on. They know such things are happening and are not good for the future of our country. But unless it directly and personally affects them, they don’t want to do anything about it. They would rather pretend that everything is okay and spend all their time attending countless meetings and unnecessary events both within and outside the country.

    Our leaders, including MPs, can make a big difference to the future of our nation and our children if they spend some time reflecting on these dangerous problems and putting in place some serious projects and programs to deal with it. Any investment, of time and money, we make in dealing with this serious problem will pay us well in future.

    We get to know about such incidents only when children and relatives of important people are involved. But these things are happening almost on daily basis in Thimphu. We need to write, discuss and share such stories more often and make our leaders uncomfortable. Only then, perhaps, they’ll do something about it.

  8. WHO is right here, Chencho Dem or the Police. I think we really need to have some explanation both from the Police and Chencho dem. In chencho’s article it says the victim identified the the suspect and car and goes on saying there was lack of evidence and that the suspect could not be detained. My question is what more evidence do we need. Do we need to take a witness wherever we go or do we need to have a mobile camera fixed on our children’s head so that whatever happens would be recorded? If Chencho dem wrote this article listening to horses mouth than I am sorry to say that she needs to do her homework. She defiantly would not be rewarded for righting false information and she should be warned by so called BICMA. On the other hand if the police has given this information to Chencho and if it is a lie than the Police should also be warned by Bicma for making fun of our Journalist.

    Thimphu is really a not safe but we have high regards for our police force, and I hope they would try their best to make our city safe. Instead of going after a person who has double parked his car they should go around the City and dismantle teenagers staying in groups.

  9. Sorry to hear about the incident. I wish keep recovery of victims health.

    It is so sad that crime rate in otherwise peaceful country is on the rise. What could be the root cause?? we all have to think hard and tackle the situation. Personally, i do not blame young hearts for committing the crime; In most cases, it is driven by circumstances, and sudden rush of adrenaline. Also loopholes in terms of drinking hours, club timing, disco halls etc. must be tightened. More cops are required in the street and bars to prevent the crimes.

    Government must explore alternatives to divert attention of our young population–one suggestion is to launch educational campaign to fight crimes and also let our Buddhist masters to instill moral teachings in schools, institutions, public places etc. Also, parents must be on constant watch over their children’s whereabouts.

    We should fight this rising juvenile crimes with collective effort.


  10. Motor Mouth says

    i know your son personally through interactions at the basketball courts. i am sure he will come out of this experience as a winner. always a cheerful fellow and humble; i wish him a speedy recovery.

    as for the incident, i hope our law makers (you included) are realizing where the real problems lie. a proper national youth policy, as suggested by the young bhutanese scientist, would address some of these issues. a proper platform for youth to express their sentiments must be provided. more avenues must be explored to ensure that the youth is meaningfully engaged. proper counselling and guidance is necessary and we must not fail as parents, siblings, friends and as a society.

  11. guardian says

    Dear OL,

    I am extremely sorry to hear about this very unfortunate incident involving your son. I hope he has made a full recovery and that any mental scars from such a traumatic experience are not everlasting.

    I agree fully with you that our nation’s capital has indeed become very dangerous and the only way to curb such nefarious activities is for the police to be more visible at night. The problem must be nipped in the bud before things go out of hand as it seems to be doing.

    Kindly take up this issue with the concerned authorities so that we Thimphu residents can live in peace and without any fear.

  12. observer says

    prayers for ur early recovery.

    Chencho’s article as journalist, doubleline parking search by traffic cops, BICM’s dos & dont’s for movie makers, main towns of Bhutan not safe and many more as spelled above must be minor tragis for DPT govt. I wish things will drastically be chaged after thir term is over.
    PDP, good luck.

  13. Dear OL,

    The incident is really disturbing and raises many questions. The question “Is Thimpu Fine?” is just one of these.

    I personally feel that stray incidents of crime in a metro city are to be seen as a kind of evolution (although, for negative reasons). This is probably the price which society pays for Biassed Development of certain regions. We cannot keep on blaming the city for these.

    However, I do feel that there are other more critical questions attached with this incidents which needs to be answered. Are proper Policing/Assistance measures being implemened near the places of public/tourist inerest? Is our society cohesive enough to stand up against these criminals and ensure action by law enforcers? Have we identified any High crime area and people educated on being vigilant while visiting these?

    I do understand that asking people to be vigilant will raise more questions on the administrators, but today OR tomorrow these actions have to be taken. The other more idealistic and moral way would be to adopt means to reduce the indecurity of Youth. But as I said it is an idealistic way and to completetely transform the society and criminal minds is being impractically optimistic.

    I do believe our city is made by us…and till the time majority of us are Fine Thimphu is certainly GOOD.

    My sicere wishes for fast recovery of your son and also Thimphu…

  14. guardian says


    Please note that this is hardly a stray incident as you would have us believe. Such things seem to be happening with alarming regularity.

  15. “at around 2 am, the victim and a friend went for a drive to Buddha Point”….as said above by Pema Wangchuk, “it is the duty of parents to care their children after the nightfall”…it was not a good timing for OL’s son to go out for a driving. Chencho Dema, the report writer has not identified the friend of the victim and the victim’s friend has not attested the culprit.

    The reporting is not complete and something is smelling. If the victim’s friend is declared, the attacker cannot be at large. My febble sense of detection says so!

  16. I don’t think the problem lies in the fact that it was a bad reporting job (which it was) or a case of unknown identity. It’s more to do with these criminals who roam the streets of Thimphu freely, putting everyone at risk of being the next victim of their ‘piercing daggers’. Unfortunately the OL’s son was a victim but that doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t at risk. You could be going for an evening walk or placing your groceries into your car dickey and the same thing could have happened to you. Why? Because we have these unknown pitiful miscreants wandering our streets and we focus on catching those that consume tobacco because it is a serious threat to our society.. It’s nothing but an unnecessary and unconscious abundance of irreverence shown to the Bhutanese people by our astute politicians. The laws that govern us are a little out of sync with reality. I think we must all learn to identify the real problems first and then prioritize, and along the way perhaps change a few things that seem to be the main cause of the breakdown of social order. After putting much trust and faith in the DPT Govt. I leave it up to them to do what they must (their only job), with hope that they put the country and it’s people before any thing else..
    (and I also hope that soon enough I have reason to stop feeling repentant about not putting my vote on the PDP)

  17. Sorry for what had happened to your son and I also wish him a speedy recovery. By the way which city in the world is safer than Thimphu at 2 am? I can’t think of any!!! Should we not be guiding our kids to refrain from such nocturnal overdose?

  18. Wai wai I guess you dont have a teenage son…. wait till you have one….

  19. yeshi wangchuk says

    m very sorry to hear about the bad news about the OL’s son n m in high anticipation to recover area in the world is much safe but its our own responsibility to keep ourselves as safe.

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