Yes we can!

Our youth can

The Eighth Asian Youth Congress concluded in Thimphu last Thursday. The congress, made up of youth leaders from the Asia and Pacific regions, aims to build a global network to fight drug abuse.

About 130 youth participants from 14 countries attended this year’s congress. 100 of them were from Bhutan.

At the end of the 4-day congress, two participants were jointly awarded the International Youth Award. The winners were Azmeel Mohamed from the Maldives; and our own Yangchen Dolkar.

Yangchen is a student at Dr Tobgyel School and, at 14 years, was one of the youngest participants. Still, the congress, which included several international university students, decided that the feisty Yangchen Dolkar showed enough communication, decision-making and leadership skills to merit winning the gathering’s highest honour. Well done.

But it was not just Yangchen Dolkar who did well at the congress. All our youth reportedly performed well, and impressed their international fellow-participants with their warmth and friendliness, and their readiness to participate in all the activities. In fact, that’s why the first runner also went to a Bhutanese – Jigme Choeda of Gedu HSS. Good job.

This year’s theme was “Together we can!” So I asked Yangchen Dolkar, who happens to be my niece, “Are you sure you can?”

“Yes we can!” came her immediate answer, “… together we can make this world a better place.”


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  1. Yes we can if all of us put our hands together and that is not only the spirits from the youth only yes we can from the adults as well…

  2. Dear Yangchen, Congratulations for the reward you got for your hard work….

  3. YES WE CAN…..

    It is Not

    YES I CAN.

    Good to see this spirit of teamwork and confidence in our youth. I am sure if all of us understand this fact that in a country like ours, which is in very initial stage of development and growth, our success is always dependent on our relations and our support systems. May it be our family, friends or colleagues. Once we all understand this and start understanding and respecting our true friends then surely WE CAN.

    Just a thought…

  4. By the way,

    Congratulations to Yangchen. I am sure this is just the beginning….

  5. Yangka Chojay says

    Congratulation to all the participation from BHUTAN. Tashi Delek. I’s just the moment to go across………..! Come let’s Clap our two big hands to our future teens.

  6. Congratulations to Yangchen Dolkar and Jigme Choeda! We look forward to sponsoring their participation at the 9th Asian Youth Congress in 2012. The Government of Bhutan offered us their warm hospitality and the youth of Bhutan energized us. We greatly value the friendships that have been developed over the past week. The U.S. Department of State was honored to support this event in such a special kingdom. Together we can, and together we will.

    Brian Morales
    Foreign Affairs Officer
    U.S. Department of State

  7. Tenzin penjore says

    We are having one of the biggest Earthquakes and our PM is busy globetrotting. His government has blocked a very popular site after it was filled with several damaging stories of the PM and his gang of unscrupulous leaders having been involved with acquiring lands from poor farmers and having alloted to thelselves.

    What is OL doing on this?

  8. I am glad if the government decides to block any undesirable websites that degrade our country, that has nothing good to say but report only negative aspects. It is our country, our nation and we have to live here for generations to come. We don’t want some unscrupulous group to promote nasty websites that focus only on negativity. My plea to the government and the genuine Bhutanese is to block such sites for ever. We have every right to do so. THANK YOU FOR THIS INITIATIVE.

    So what? if our PM is not in station. The disaster happened when he was away. We need him to complete the task he is assigned with and complete his dutiful rounds. We have other capable leaders like the offtg PM, Hon OL let alone our beloved monarch. What more do we need. Everyone is playing their part. I know OL will not have anything to say about this as he is a very sensible leader who knows what is good for King, country and the people. PELDEN DRUKPA !!!!!

  9. I don’t know why Tenzin penjore has to comment on PM’s absence again and again. He is absent for the country and not for his personal gains. Please don’t make such comments and all the readers know the truth why he is absent. Don’t make a fool of yourself.

  10. tenzin penjore doesn’t have anything to say other express his personal hatred to PM…..

  11. Tenzin penjore says

    I don’t hate PM but I value our democracy and our country more than anybody else. Please think, and don’t make this personal.

  12. If that is true, then you should not comment so much. I do not think Bhutan will have another PM like JYT as HM announced during a National Day celebration that there will not be another King like his father.

  13. shatsa, can you predict future, then tell us when the next earthquake is going to strike? Are you really sure that we won’t have another PM Like JYT? While I agree that our prime minister is a masterful politician, it would be naive and big insult to Bhutanese to say that there won’t be another person like our PM.
    That is the problem with Bhutanese people, they always underestimate themselves. Instead of we can do it, we are capable, we are as smart as anyone, we are as hard working as everyone, we just sit there and think we are inferior. Have some pride and believe in yourselves, if not atleast trust your fellow Bhutanese of their ability.

  14. Truth, yes you are right by saying that we cannot forsee the future and it is true that there will be capable people but for the time being I don’t forsee anyone and Lyonchhen JYT should be voted for the second term so that the foundation of democracy will be well cemented and let us hope and pray that the capable candidates from the civil servants can come and join politics as we don’t see enough capable candidates among the present politicains once Lyonchhen’s team crosses the age of 65. What do you say Truth.

  15. Dear Shatsa,

    It is good to see that atleast one person is all geared up campaigning for the 2013 elections. Good going…

    However, I would have appreciated it more if you would use an appropriate forum for this. Surely, this is not the right choice to promote your candidate…

  16. Tenzin penjore says

    No one like him? Don’t even compare with our beloved Kings. That would be sacrileges.
    I don’t see someone who has been self-serving as in Gyelpozhing land grab, GNH centre building near his property in Bumthang, promoting his daughter’s tourism business while on an official state visit to Japan, and so on.
    Do you call someone with such personal motives uncomparable? I don’t hate our PM but I think he is taking our country for a ride.

  17. I did not compare PM with Their Majesties. Their Majesties are all above human beings. Infact they are like Gods to us. I am comparing PM with any other individual who would like to contest the election and at this juncture I feel there is no one comparable to him. You can name anybody and the only person I can mention is JYT.

  18. Performance is all about ability, opportunity and willingness. Did other ministers performed less when they were in PM’s chair some years back? There are many capable and dynamic senior officials. Yes, we appreciate LJYT for what he has done for the country but the bottom line is others may do it better, if given the opportunity. And we like to see that in the next election.

  19. Okay Charo, let us wait and see because time is very short. Cheers!

  20. Tenzin penjore says

    I want some young leaders to emerge. am sure they will do much much better. with good and benevolent Monarch at the helm of affairs in Bhutan, what can go wrong?

  21. Bhutan at this stage needs leader who can solve a very basic problems faced by general public. One such problem is acute short of drinking water in urban place like Thimphu, notwithstanding the fact that Thimchu river is flowing just in the midst of this acute crisis. I will vote for any leader who can solve this basic, fundamental problem. Other talks like health for all, keep thimphu clean, GNH, etc. etc. are meaningless when people simply do not get their basic human needs such as drinking water.


  22. Tenzin penjore says

    That is why, I am saying there is no dearth of leaders in Bhutan. We need to give a new leader a chance, old leader have had enough…time for change, and time for old leaders to go and pave the way for the young leaders to come to power in Bhutan

  23. Yes, i agree. Bhutan needs dynamic and down to earth leader like Dr pema Gyamtsho, Minister MoAF. The old ministers had their time and now it seems they can not think out of box. The world is fast changing and technologies and world situation are becoming ever sophisticated; also dynamics of Bhutanese communities and their needs are changing; and it seems day by day that senior Ministers in Bhutan do not seem to comprehend these dynamics. Perhaps, they are too satisfied to make attempt to comprehend the pace of life and needs in Bhutan.


  24. Yeah, I agree, we need more Dr. Pema Gyamtshos if we want to take Bhutan further.

  25. I am sorry to say that you guys are just blaming the people who have done their best and who are still doing their best. Your are going against the constitution by saying that the older ministers cannot think out of the box. We are all eligible to contest until we attain the age of 65 and these ministers are yet to reach this age. His Majesty the Fourth King had wisely Commanded this age limit in the constitution otherwise the human want and greed will want to hold on to power until the last breadth like the politicians elswhere and believe me who knows you guys would follow suit if you get a chance to be in the shoes of these ministers. I always think and tell my collegues that it was a wise decision by K4 to have made this limit as we the Bhutanese who are majority Buddhist can start praying, meditating and pulling the prayer beads once we cross 65. Otherwise life is too short and if the age limit is not made the power hungry politicians will want to carry on until the last breadth and will start regreting on the death bed that they have not uttered a single Mani or Bazaguru. What do you say guys. Pelden Drukpa Gyalo.

  26. The only people who went against the constitution were the people who lost the constitutional case.

  27. I think older Ministers have done what they could in the past, but not anymore. For last few years, we have not seen any proactive actions from any of the older folks (Ministers). They were good (may be) when life was simple and wants are few, but with ever changing complexities of Bhutanese life and its various requirement, they simply have no capacities to take any proactive actions. For example, supply of drinking water in urban areas like Thimphu, was not very problematic, say ten years ago; but now with construction boom and increasing urban population, there is an acute shortage of such human basic necessity. What we expect in such situation is that Minister responsible allocates resource to provide such fundamental need on priority basis; but on the contrary, they pretend not to know the problem, or even if they know they close their eyes.

    Therefore, i think we need change of guards and introduce some dynamic and selfless characters to replace old folks.


  28. Yes, Thinley it is true about the shortage of drinking water problem in Thimphu. As we all know it is the mandate of the City Corporation and the newly elected Thrompon is on the job as stated by him and we hope that this problem will be solved soon. Even if it is not solved, it is now his duty since he pledged to do so during his election campaign. We cannot blame the minister concerned since he has 101 things to think about. What do you say.

  29. Perhaps, Ministers are busy people and may be overlooking simple yet very very important stuff such as drinking water. I hope Dasho Thrompoen will make this as his priority activity and solve the problem asap.

    No hard feelings to anyone–just stating the facts.


  30. Dichen Choden says

    Bhutan needs such programmes with the alarming increase in drug abuse and violence among our youth population. We can only hope that our youth will take up such initiatives seriously and be the change that our society needs. Yangchen Dolkar and all young Bhutanese will do us proud. And the latest update is Yangchen has been invited to participate in the Revision of Life Skills Manual in Jakarta this March. Go to ( see the details of 8th Asian Youth Congress, held in Thimphu in September, 2011. If you wish to know more or to contribute to the Asian Youth Network, please follow the links below. Thank you for this article, Lyonpo.


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  2. […] Tshering Tobgay reports that the Eighth Asian Youth Congress, which took place in Thimphu recently, saw bright performance from the Bhutanese participants. […]

  3. […] Tshering Tobgay reports that the Eighth Asian Youth Congress, which took place in Thimphu recently, saw bright performance from the Bhutanese participants. […]

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