Unchained fun

While jogging today, in Pamtsho, I met Ugyen Penjore, aged 9, “going-to” class 4, Rinchen Kuenphen School, having a wonderful time with his friends on this bike, lent to him by another friend, Kinley Tenzin.

Check out the tires on that bike
Check out the seat
Check out that smile!




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  1. ..the smile says it all..
    ..just goes to prove you can be totally happy without being the pm of bhutan..
    ..the kid does not need to engage rhetoric & be hypocritical..he can just be himself..now, that’s gnh!

  2. Now, isn’t he a truly “GNH citizen”? The bike has no tires, it has no seat, and it’s borrowed. Yet he smiles because our govt. tells us that we have GNH.

  3. a one in a million pic.

  4. The boy explains that happiness comes from heart. NO materialistic things will make you content but if u say u r happy u r. if u say u rnt u r not. He is truly lives in a GNH based society

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